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too late to own in mid crater in bh?


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ok, I am 90 combat and my skills are:


70 attack


78 strenght


70 defence


67 range


50 prayer


57 magic


74 health


Any advice on what I should do? I'm planning on training my strenght to mid/high 80's and my range to at least 75. I have about 3 mil to spend, but since im f2p and I already have full rune I don't think I have to worry about spending it. Thx for the help guys.


Edit: Woot 78 str!!





You are one with the matrix.


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if you were gonna do range/2h you would need atleast 90 range i would stick with melle unless you have a lot of time to get 90+ range, dont get anymore pray levels 44 is enough in f2p. im not sure how good 70 att and 80 str is at around 90 cb. i pesonally got koed by a ranger with 75 range and 86 str at 80 cb so its posible to have low range but 90 cb you will have a lot harder players than a 81 with 55 defe(me)it was a 26 ko so sthu =p

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in a way our stats are similiar but mine are higher, go into the graveyard kills and have a look at some of my kills under f2p bh mid crater 2m+


lmao i love it;


anyways, buddy your stats man, don't even try range 2h tbh, takes too long; train strength to around 85 and you can own if your good at pking.


because my stats sucks too


84 range 72 str 77 cb,i get tons of kills; stats are one thing, skills are another

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