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Slug Menace - Torn Pages


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I can't seem to be able to set torn pages correctly, for the reason I cannot navigate each of pages separately and independently of other pieces.There are 6 boxes in little right bottom corner,and it doesnt say ANYWHERE what these boxs checked/unckecked/combine-checked actually do! This is totally absurd task and im afraid I cannot come with a solution unless I get someones advice,please.






This image belongs to tip-it






This is what Tip-It says:


Move the pieces around and flip or rotate as necessary, until everything lines up (the window will close by itself when you've got it right)




Excuse me,but how do I move the pieces when its completely impossible to move each of those pieces,all I see is large piece moving ALONG with each of other pieces combined,beside from that I dont see anything als moving






Zybez instructions:


The page with the red star should be at the very top. The long triangle piece goes underneath it on the left, and the smaller piece fits in between them on the right. Line them up correctly and you will have a complete page.




Like I needed 2 pharagraphs of text to get the image structure? No thanks! other guide has the image




3.Rune Hq instructions:


Use the glue on the one of the fragments, then arrange them so they make a page




If it was only easy as short and simple this instruction is.Just wonderful!




I've searched both tip it zybez and rune hq guides,and they have this part pretty much same. Its shocking,but i hope someone here might be able to help me




I've done many puzzles before this, but this is totally unclear and confusing compared to anything als i've previously seen

zzZZ [- Glory From Beyond -]ZZzz



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