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  1. Well... At least we know what another Achievement Diary reward will be.
  2. I always thought that all those drunken pirates in the nearby house just crashed it when they were on the run from The Customs Officials...
  3. Learned a lot about the Champions Challenge, maybe if I get bored enough, I'll try it at some point >.> anyway, nice job!
  4. That math in the first article seems a bit off for some reason :-k ... Shouldn't the time for Yew Longbows(s) be 2.00 as you had to cut the logs into Longbows(u) first? Good article though.
  5. Hantoumei

    One Day....

    My Random Event Evasion level. Honestly? Either Hunter, Rc or I'd see if i could cut the lamp into 25 pieces and save them.
  6. No, the cap isn't 200, you can go over it. *has 202+ points atm*
  7. Oh, that is just so that you could get into the elemental altars. Honestly, you could probably use the Abyss for it. But yes, an Omni Staff would work in that way. Elemental Talisman would work as well.
  8. No. Dramen staff made into a lunar staff, or it won't work. Try making multiples if you can though.
  9. ROFL. =D> That was awesome. :thumbsup: hmm would the lumbridge guide then take the staff and use it for evil :x noob : where is lumbridge *guide uses staff to kill new player* guide: jagex you should have listened when i asked for a day off! In that scenario, the Lumbridge Guide stilll helped the noob find Lumbridge. And why would he need the staff of armadyl to do that either? :-k
  10. Would Elite Black Armor be worth a mention in the guide (in the no prayer melee section) , or is it just unnnessary weight? And dosen't Elite Black give less negative bonuses, or am I mixed up?
  11. My best guess is you can't teleport after 20 wildy, and Hazelmere forgot about that. Nah, that was the overpowered teleportation pod that he used to save you during The Path of Glouphrie. When he's talking about already making his choice, he's talking about how he saved you from the unteleportable kill room in the sewer dungeon instead of keeping the seed working.
  12. You could also bring 25 mithril ores and 25 nature runes and superheat them on the spot with the coal and fire runes. Along with a tinderbox to burn the magic logs and the 100 death runes, it seems like a good amount of experience.
  13. Besides the quests said already, it would be a good idea to also do Recruitment Drive, which gives nice chunks of experience for lower skills (Slayer, and agility i think.) It would also be a good idea to unlock the abyss if you haven't already. And do Tears of Guthix ASAP.
  14. Ahh, looks like we've forgotten all about Wyverns! They should be looked into a bit, I'll see if I can dig up anything. I vaguely remember some sort of book about them, but maybe I'm imagining. List of Wyvern ideas: -Get a Wyvern task, ask master for tips -Wyverns' icebreath is blocked by the Mind Shield, look over Ele Workshop 2 books? -Read Tarn Razalor's diary I remember in that diary that Tarn claimed with the Salve Amulet (e) he could force the Skeletal Wyvernsto fear him and do his bidding or something along those lines. Should be pretty easy to check, as once you've gotten the book its in your Poh bookcase. Edit: Not diary, was thinking of the Postbag, but that book you get from the maze that is used to enchant salve amulets.
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