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  1. Question; Do you want: a) Pure slayer XP B) A compramise between the two c) Profit d) Slayer points What you block depends on your goals. Also, my 100% support to this comment - though the number is vastly inflated:
  2. gun_hippy


    I'm not saying he IS botting, he may just have chat off, or be multitasking, or whatever. But there are tons of pisc bots. chances is he is. keep asking, if nothing - report. Jagex will hopefully tell if he is. if the slim chance of a false accusation rests on your concience, then hop worlds.
  3. lots of monkfish macroers atm and theyre not lvl 3 chinese people like in the old days, just the normal every day macroesr before that infulx a couple years ago
  4. gun_hippy


    report there are TONS of macrosers at monkfish, it's a popular bot
  5. i'm long since 99 fishing, and currently 90 rc, and i can promise you rc is a [bleep] of a lot faster cash. Fishing, however, is much, much, much mroe relaxed. So ask yourself - what kinds of skills do you like? Do you like fishing, wc, and other "afk-skills"? or do you like intense skills like rc, mining, and summoning? But rc is faster.
  6. Nonononno check the xp they give [bleep] that
  7. i completely, and utterly agree with toast647, and STRONGLY advise this. Otherwise you have 2 options: - Accept the fact summoning costs a lot - Waste your charms on inferior xp with the beef-meat familiar
  8. Is that Piscatoris? Swan Song quest.
  9. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Sacred_clay_platebody i'm sure you can find the other pieces on your own google is your friend
  10. It happens all the time - but it's funny, so no complaining! Have contests over how much you can slide
  11. If you know how to safespot, you could kill 1 360 in just an inv of sharks and a crossbow. With your stats it's a piece of cake.
  12. everybodys playing style is different, but i don't like daily goals. Some days it will make you stop rcing early, other days you will be grinding and REALLY not in the mood, hating every minute of it, then burn out and just quit the goal. So personally, i'd set the goal you have just make it much looser. Go for 100k xp a day. But if you feel like more after that, have a blast. If you're not in the mood, stop a little early. Alternatively, set a WEEKLY goal so you don't feel bad about having days off. Unless you're superman, such a rigid, frequent goal will probably just despirit you on the bad days. But then, i'm not you ;)
  13. Depends too much on your playing style mine are infinity - outfits, random junk everybody has in mass Trasport stuff - runes, rings, ammys, gree grees, lightness, keys, etc Combat stuff pots + herb + farm summ stuff random skilling stuff - picks, axes, buckets, pots, hammers, proto tools, currencies TT stuff (well was, mostly just random junk now) rc + things associated, uncluding nats+deaths+bloods (since i don't want tabs flipping when i rc) and energy pots last tab is always "what im working on atm", just to make life easier, a temporary tab.
  14. No quests needed You don't even need it to actually enter rellekka either, just to unlock some of the boats there and shops and such
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