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  1. Lets say you buy 1k Whips. Would that effect it? Since the demand is always rising? Once again, you can only buy 100 whips every 4 hours, and since everyone else isnt always buying/selling at max you cant crash the whole market by yourself (You need a clan for that :wall: ). Also, the demand may always be rising but the supply isnt being massivly outpaced either. I never said i didnt have a clan, OR had the people to buy more than 100 each 4th hour. -.-
  2. Lets say you buy 1k Whips. Would that effect it? Since the demand is always rising?
  3. So, lets say the cap WAS 25K for rune axes. And he had the materials to buy 25k of em. Would that influence?
  4. How does this work? Lets say *Random Item* Rune Axe. How many of these would someone need to buy to influence the prices? Could someone fill me in on how this Works? : Lets say an item Like, Dharoks Legs VS Torags Chest. How many of each to influence prices? What is needed to influence prices?
  5. Visible + Unvisible Stacks. Visible + Visible Dont. Unvisible + Unvisible Dont.
  6. Sorry mate! <333333333333 :( And CONGRATS!! Epic lvl by epic dude :D:D:D:D :thumbsup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. If i had the time i would say Yes. But i work 12 hour days, and weekends im with Girlfriend, or other friends.. So.. No :(
  8. Hmm, might be. I currently got 4K monkfish.. Working alot, so i can only bare to fish when i get home.. So i will fish monks for 30m exp.. :ugeek:
  9. Why is it at such a low price? :? Anyone got an idea?
  10. Thanks! :D Buying the fish and cooking it is easy, Fishing it.. Makes it take a little while longer. :( Thanks for posting!
  11. Currently working ALOT.. 12 hour days So no time for runescape and greater goods.. Been fishing for 85 Cooking, I need 4,3K monks. I currently got 3,4K :P
  12. I guess. Since the whole task is to get 5 sharks up from the water. :P
  13. I got 2k cosmics in bank, and i want some magic exp.. What could i enchant without loss?
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