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  1. Trip #2 went pretty well. I lasted over 175 kills more than last time and I'm now at 2,001 kills and 29.9m in raw gold gain. I will do absolutely nothing different on the next trip, but I will hopefully get another 1,000 kills done. :) I got a new laptop today and it's going to be used for work, more than anything. It's not very good, well, not as good for playing runescape as my other laptop because that has a massive screen.
  2. Rofl. Maybe I should credit people for these things since I'm thick as shit. :wub:
  3. I have completed my first trip, I suppose. I only banked because of a change of plan in certain aspects of how I'm going to do this goal. So here it is: Trip #1: 921 kills Time of trip: Approx. 3 hours 20 minutes. GP gained/hour (RAW, without costs of springs etc.) : 4.7 million gp. This comes down to my change of plan from now on. Springs for spring cleaner are FAR from worth it. They are around 7k gold each and I'm not profiting all that much from when I'm actually dismantling rune/adamant stuff. Instead, I will be bringing nature and fire runes (instead of staff), still keeping the notepaper for keys. I will alch between abilities, hopefully retaining the speed I have been going at so far. Hopefully this second trip will enable me to stay for over 1k kills at least. :)
  4. Oh I know. It's quite alright, isn't it? :wub: ty sexier. :3
  5. Not even sure to be honest lol. Hello Lioness. :wub: The pun was most certainly unintentional. :D I will definitely look into this, would certainly make things a lot more interesting for myself. Thank you! It's going to be a long ride. :)
  6. So on saturday morning, I finally maxed my account. It's been a long time in the making, at least since before Christmas and to finally do it is such a relief for my ability to create actual goals. If anyone, like the people in the sc chat know, I'm pretty known for making some absolutely bonkers goals but never really get onto doing them because not maxing is getting in the way and distracting me. But! Now I have maxed, I can get onto making a goal that I have recently thought about that could get me a long way in terms of progression. I will be logging 250,000 kills at Gladius. It's a gigantic number and I will not be selling a single thing during that time. I will have enough gold for the upkeep of my zaryte bow during all that time, as well as my blood amulet of fury. To calculate 250,000 kills, I will have on my EXP tracker the HP exp I gained from it which amounts to 169 apiece. If I can divide the exp gained by that number, I can very much track it constantly through my log. I have a very simplistic set-up. No need for potions or anything of the sort. Spring cleaner is excellent and I have alch runes for what I don't dismantle. Notepaper will keep track key drops only. I have only recently tried using Zaryte bow here. It was only 41m and the upkeep on it is far greater than that of say, Ascensions of Noxious Longbow, both of which also have ammo to deal with. With Gladius only have 7500 HP, it does really seem pointless using t90 weapons when Zaryte bow is 100% accurate and a lot cheaper to maintain. I was going to use the blood necklace shard on the the dungeoneering necklace for Range (Farseer?). I kind of wish I did now, but I'm still happy with Fury. This will ensure me that I will not need to bank because I will not need to restore my HP pretty much at all. I will log these kills not by daily, but by trip. A trip will end when I have to repair something or can't find any space for alchables anymore. I'm going to bloody enjoy this. :)
  7. finally. :) Going to relax before going for any more goals now.
  8. Firemaking. :) I might try and find the picture actually.
  9. It's not that good. The loot area is NOT 3x3 by any means. I have had multiple instances where loots are one square next to each other and it only loots one of such loot. That being said, it's STILL an improvement from previously just picking up stuff, but it seems to have given a bit of false hope on it being super useful.
  10. ...Yay? What a great "update" we have this week, once again.
  11. Yeah, the only thing I'm really excited about is Vic the Trader. I may be misusing it but I'm 6 attack levels and 4 range levels away from maxing and I very much dislike grinding combat after 99 slayer. I have over 38 million bonus experience from abusing the hell out of prismania and fallen star promotions so I will 100% be taking advantage of this. :)
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