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F2P Prayer


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I have a F2P high prayer ID that has 35 defense at the moment.




Lately I've just been having fun with this ID, usually wearing any armor that boosts my prayer bonus (monk robes, sara ammy, etc). My prayer is 44, and my prayer bonus (without a mace) is +20. With this setup, a protection spell will last....... a little over 3 minutes 30 seconds. Without a prayer bonus, it lasts just about 2 minutes.




I'm so close to being able to wear full rune. Should I just use that or do you think the monk robes help with combat? At times I train using my prayer so I don't have to eat so much food. That extra three minutes seems to help (even if I just bring the monk robes with me). I'm not going to train my prayer any further, I'll just bury some bones as I go, it's not my highest priority.




Here are my stats


Attack 40 Strength 57 Defense 35


Range 1 Magic 26 (no hp gain) Prayer 44


HP 47


(25 Agility as an added bonus xD)







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