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Offences / appeals


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hey everyone. just wana say GD job tip.it crew with recent ddos attacks.




ok, so i have recieved several offences in the past month.




Breaking rule 9.


x_tenacity_x: lucy


x_tenacity_x: u love me?


x_tenacity_x: hehe, just checking


************: fletching lvls?


************: ??


************: any1?


x_tenacity_x: 20


x_tenacity_x: 38 wc


x_tenacity_x: 15 magic


************: nice! mines24


x_tenacity_x: 15 pray


x_tenacity_x: 2 range


x_tenacity_x: 17 att


x_tenacity_x: 32 mining


x_tenacity_x: 16 smith


x_tenacity_x: 55 fish


x_tenacity_x: 41 cooking


x_tenacity_x: 38 wc


x_tenacity_x: in 3 days


x_tenacity_x: this is my 3rd day..


x_tenacity_x: 322 lvls.. thanks


************: 44 wc, 39 mage, 23 pray, 44 att, 41 hp, 41 mine, 31 smith


x_tenacity_x: actually i slept 18 hrs today


x_tenacity_x: willsuton


x_tenacity_x: tell us the hack u used


x_tenacity_x: :P


x_tenacity_x: i wont tell anyone


x_tenacity_x: promise


x_tenacity_x: : ]


x_tenacity_x: cas


x_tenacity_x: lovely cape !


x_tenacity_x: rofl


************: lol


x_tenacity_x: smack that sob


x_tenacity_x: let me eat him


x_tenacity_x: that will teach him to fn mess around


x_tenacity_x: i c a nub


x_tenacity_x: on a island


x_tenacity_x: lol


x_tenacity_x: hehe


************: how you get there?


x_tenacity_x: taverly dungeon


************: wats there?


************: ON THE ISLANDD


x_tenacity_x: black dragons


x_tenacity_x: spiders


************: WATS ON THE ISLAND?


************: THATS LAME!


x_tenacity_x: i spy with my lil eye something over the river


x_tenacity_x: omfg its a nub


x_tenacity_x: :P


x_tenacity_x: come get me?


x_tenacity_x: wots that u stuck.. awww


x_tenacity_x: rofl


x_tenacity_x: u feel tough?


x_tenacity_x: pfft


x_tenacity_x: i forfeit


x_tenacity_x: yay u win


x_tenacity_x: get over it


x_tenacity_x: and i care because?




fact 1: lucy is a good friend off mine...


fact 2: the part concerning the hack comment, i was chatin/joking around with a rs player which has 3/4 of his stats @ 99. he wasnt offended.. and knew i was joking around.


fact3: i believe thats this only 50% from what i seen on my screen.. and so it does sound suspicous, there were several other people that were talking... and so it would make more sense




Breaking rule 1:




hmm, i think i need to wc willows soon


************: 91 WC, willows for powertraining


************: 75


************: you don't need to tell what you are


************: are you sure?


************: ur R E P 0 R T 3 D


************: all u said is offensive language


x_tenacity_x: o q p


x_tenacity_x: w


************: .byeing rune axe 12k


x_tenacity_x: **** it


x_tenacity_x: lol


************: 2nd report


************: for tenacity


x_tenacity_x: what did i do?


************: offensive language also


x_tenacity_x: it was merly co-incidence that those letters lined up


************: ni, ur


************: it looks like an bodypart


************: what is not g-rated


x_tenacity_x: what body part is offensive?


************: now your turn


x_tenacity_x: imo ur just thinking sick


x_tenacity_x: he is ey


************: not me, i'm only thinking good


************: spending 550k


x_tenacity_x: lodan is a naughty boy


************: cleaning offences out of runescape


************: spending 550k


x_tenacity_x: he needs ********


x_tenacity_x: a "smack" around the but


x_tenacity_x: lol


************: i like my red report button, who's next?


x_tenacity_x: he likes them like he likes lollipops


************: or else?


x_tenacity_x: lmfao


x_tenacity_x: ya


x_tenacity_x: u know how to eat them rite?


x_tenacity_x: lodan sure knows how


x_tenacity_x: lol




ok so i was messing around withsome RL friends on RS, and we were pulling the p out of some noob.


now, yes i did draw a body part... but it didnt line up.. so i dont think it could be considered as offensive.






honestly i dont really care about the offence, but on both of them the appeal status has : deffered.


what does that mean?, my acc is still in the green zone but shld i consider that i might have black mark issuses later?












Locked Main : returnofbear (no recorded black marks, and it says its not locked, but i cant get any access so i quit and played warcraft for 2 yrs)


New character: X tenacity X ( approximately 4 weeks old ) warcraft got lame, no gd games on ps3.

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It means that they're putting off your appeal. You've pretty clearly been breaking rules though, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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They don't have enough people reading appeals to look at yours yet, so a robot made it say deferred.

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sorry i shld of mentioned this earlier






i hadnt appealed for any of the offence's... everytime i got a offence it was already defered




the first offence i got a 24hr mute




i logged ontoday to notice that i got the second one today... but when i went to appeal/mutes section it said it had already been deferred. it also said that a moderator will lift the mute today... it was about 10hrs since i last logged on and when i did, i wasnt muted at all

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Wait, so it says deferred and you're not allowed to try appealing? Maybe that means they're going to take it off O_o. Weird.




p.s love ur stats


Thanks :)

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For minor offenses and thingies that give you like .1 black marks, they are now considered "deferred" or whatnot. Meaning you can't appeal them and you'll serve your sentence. I know it isn't fair if you've been unfairly banned, but I guess Jagex is filtering the more important ones, or not reading them at all. Who knows :)




Just dig it out






It was your new account that got these offenses right? Not the old one?

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