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  1. Solo'ed the Wolf within 5 minutes and got the drop. A lvl 90 in full rune came at the last moment to steal the killing blow though...
  2. The Penguins D&D could be a real problem if the old wilderness makes a comeback. All it takes is one PKer to join the clan chat and leak the information and World 60 Wilderness will be a nonstop massacre. Some of you have pointed out that one should not even be bringing more than 3 valuable stuff to the Wilderness when penguin hunting. However, that poor soul would die every single time a PKer decides to assault him, albeit not loosing anything. As compared to one who risks full gear but is able to defend against PKers and eventually get to the penguin. Even though World60Pengs vs PKers sounds totally cool, you must note that majority of the players hunting penguins are not trained for player killing, so the battle will be no doubtly one sided.
  3. Those days were awesome. Every now and then someone would sell a dragon equipment to the store and it would be gone almost immediately.
  4. Returned3

    Your dream job?

    Dream Job: Wrestler (Been a fan all my life) or more recently, an actor. I see the teen stars in America and I really do envy them alot, sometimes I really wish I was born there. I'm currently studying "Multimedia & Animation" so I'll have a few choices of work if I actually choose to follow this industry but then again, there aren't many opportunities in my country and it's really competitive overseas.
  5. Same with me here, I first listened to Propane Nightmares and got addicted to all of their songs. Their latest album is pretty awesome too.
  6. I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles and experience Hollywood. Maybe I've watched too much television but that place always seemed glorious to me. I've also too many fantasies about trying to "fufil my dream" which can only happen in America. Sometimes I really envy those born in/migrated to America. Not to mention here in Singapore, majority of the american shows are 1-2 years behind the actual releases.
  7. I don't know which kind of quest I truly prefer, the "old" ones where 20+ items were required and you had to make several bank trips to do so or the "newer" quests which give you all the items required during the quest itself.
  8. It has one of the highest crime rates among Runescape. I'd love to live at Juliet's former house (currently Gunnar's). It's a big house, is right next to the Grand Exchange and not many dangers around.
  9. Like many others have said, the battle is just an endurance one instead of a damage race. My stats are somewhat similar to yours and I had over 10 rocktails remaining left and hardly touched the Brews/Super Restores I brought. They key is to know when to spec the Queen and the battle is yours, the rest of the battle is basically absorbing the attacks and healing yourself. Also avoid killing the Defilers instead let them focus their attacks on you. Towards her last 1/4hp I decided to summon my Kyatt and starting spamming scrolls and her health dropped like a rock. In short, the killing her is easy it just takes time because of all the healing. With her high damaging move disabled due to the Sword's spec, the Queen really dosent hit that much.
  10. I just checked that Korasi's Sword + Rune Def > Saradomin Sword in alot of ways. Is there anything about the SS that's better than that before I sell mine away?
  11. It's not boostable. I drank a Wizard's Mind Bomb at 78 mage and I couldnt start the quest.
  12. I mainly use Tip.it for the calculators, treasure trail guides and forums. Every other thing I go to RuneWiki for help as it's really alot easier and has more depth to it. Quest guides on RuneWiki also update really fast.
  13. Jagex has stated that the full statue would be for cosmetics purpose only, nothing else. I believe they said this a week after Shattered Hearts was released to prevent raging for those who spent 30 weeks expecting a reward. As for my statue, I finished week 1 of it last week. And am a quarter of a way done til my 2nd piece. (Or 3rd if you wanna be like that)
  14. Seriously fast. I can't wait to find out the tasks.
  15. Back in my day, most.. if not all the F2P quests didn't have fancy cutscences or quest specific npcs (eg. Black Sheeps) Back in my day, you had to report back to Ozairch in order to complete Dragon Slayer.
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