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Help with laptop drivers


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I'm looking for some drivers for my Dell Latitude D820 laptop, mainly for the webcam and the fingerprint scanner. I went to the dell website, which pointed me to this page:








Anyway, it's unclear which is the driver I'm looking for, as there seem to be several for touchstrip alone, and I can't see any for the built in webcam (although there is one clearly built in just under the screen). Am I looking in the right place? I've had problems getting drivers from the dell website before and any help would be much appreciated.




Thanks :)



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Yuck, i didn't like their download-section... all mashy.


I checked that link, and i googled after webcam driver, didn't find anything lol. Is it made by dell or by a company like logitech or creative? If a 3rd-party, you can go to their site and check.


Otherwise, uhm... Call their support lol. Really weird site.


Ah no, email them and ask for direct links for fingerprint+cam, cheaper.

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