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While Guthix Sleeps - Balance Elemental Help?


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OK i have got through to the balance elemental Boss monster, after touching the stone of Jas, who seems to attack all styles and hits really hard.




I tried a standard guthans, then a combo guthans mage outfit (whip/spirit shield and doganhai robe) but just burned thorugh sharks and got out while i could with out causing much damage.




Any advice on set ups/tactics?





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Pray against him based on his weapon (bow/club/no weapon)




Just hit him with a whip or godsword. Also he lowers your stats, so drink a dose of super restore every now and then. As for gear, I just wore what you would hybriding at DKS with so cheap substitutes that I don't mind losing.






if you need more help, you dont have to switch weapons like i did though.

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I found range to be more affective with diamond (e) bolts than melee. My setup was guthans body and legs, helm of neitiznot, dragon boots, dragon square (didn't wanna risk the dfs), rune cbow, diamond (e) bolts, fury, ring of life (for insurance). I used about 12 sharks, but also brought a unicorn along, so without the unicorn it would've been more like 15 sharks.




His attack styles change in the same pattern constantly. For me it was something like 3 hits with range, 3 with mage, 3 with melee repeat. So once I went through one round I could anticipate the attack type changes.




I brought a whip for the demons afterwards (you need 2 different attack types since they pray), but they're not a problem since you'll be imbued with the power of the stone and thus have 200+ in all combat stats and hp and have a bunch of arma guardians helping you.



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