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  1. what kind of noob dies at dks o ya the one in this thread confirmed worst ever
  2. I recommend avoiding this thread. Full of so much noob that no badsuit and madoveralls can protect you from. That's all the noob I can handle. I will see you again in 6 months.
  3. an 80s cape hmmmm never heard of it, but i kind of want to do this mining thing first also what in the flying [bleep] happened to this game
  4. Almost to planting herb for that hunter joint
  5. Been in relax mode for a few days. Just doing the run for pineapples and toadflaxes. I kind of feel like I should finish off mining and smithing before I move onto Hunter.
  6. So I'm almost set for 99 Hunter. I got a hunter level while getting the Zamorak Vines. Also, these lizards keep [bleep]ing up my marshmellow traps and this fat ass bear gets in the way all the time (Bear is fatter than Leik). I then went and collected all the Corrupt Vines for the Juju Hunter potions. I started growing my Erzile herbs, and I'm up to 18 of those. Here's my vines and seeds. Then I ran into the problem of needed 80 farmer to plant these seeds of the Zamorak potion. So, short term goal is to get 80 farm. I will probably just plant pineapple trees and continue to grow toadflaxes because I'm poor.
  7. Been playing some Herblore Habitat last couple days. Finally got the pants I needed to complete the set. I also got a Herblore level from that run. Then I went on to catch all the God Jadinkos to get the teleport mask. Now I'm just catching Zamorak Jadinkos because I know the combo to get them to show up on the little island. Does anyone have an estimate as to how many I need to get 99 hunter from 83?
  8. i never die like mean noobs so i want to get a raper so that i can get stds for money. but dung sucks and like i went to world 100 something with all the bads because i am bad and it was just a bunch of noobs spamming for leeches or some shit. idk it was not ppl playing dung which is what i wanted to do so i played a dung by myself and then i went back to farming my toadflaxes with my new cape. then i came back in like 2 hours to farm my toadflaxes in and its like you can turn in a challenge. so i was like cool and then i walked around burthorpe for like 20 minutes trying to find the guy to get my free stuff from. they really need to stop making it hard to find shit. then i got a dung level. i'm the best dung in rs now
  9. So I got this other cape that lets me farm herb better. I guess that is good. Also I used a lamp on smithing because I'm poor. Maybe I need to get stds or something. Also a reminder that leik is mean. It's been a few months
  10. Happy birthday noob.

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