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WHILE GUTHIX SLEEPS (important reward info)(revised version)

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Quests: As a First Resort... (use pool for extended 100% energy boost)




the formatting does not show up here but quests: has an overextended underline as such: Quests:




Items: log; knife; 5000 gp or ring of charos(a); snapdragon seed (or more cash than max ge-price); seed dibber; 1 Astral rune, 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Air runes; 1 law rune and 1 death rune; sapphire lantern; lantern lens; charcoal and papyrus; unpowered orb; bronze med helm; iron chainbody; 2-3 each of: air, fire, water, earth, body, and mind runes; 3 cosmic runes; 30 of one type of elemental rune (air, earth, fire, water)




There is overuse of ";" there is only one example where a common should not be used. should be 2-3 of each: the semi-colon at the end is the only exceptable use. the underlined "and"s should be deleted.


there is a repeat of cosmic runes one requiring 1 cosmic rune and the other requiring 3 cosmic runes. there is also a repeat of air runes.






Reward: 4 100,000 experience lamps that can be used on any skill 65 and above(to replace the existing version)




items suggested: some form of weight reduction such as spotted or spottier cape, penace gloves, boots of lightness

It would be greatly appreciated if all submissions would be officially credited to Huge Brain.

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