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Evil Stew Question


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Can you get +6 from 1 spice? I tried with 1 spice and it only gives like +1 to both farm and herb and when I tried 3 spice it gave +5 to both. Well thanks for answering.








I've not dont it in a long long long time, so this might be sketchy info:




But as i believe, 1 spice gives up to -2/+2 levels. If you put two spices of the same colour in, it becomes possible -4/+4. If you put 3 in, it's -6/+6.




That's not to say +6 OR -6, it's anything from -6 to +6.




Also, make sure the spices are all the same colour , and for the skill you want. With a bit of luck you'll get 6 in your desired skill.




You want to make a stew with 3 brown spices in it. With a bit of luck you have a 1/11 chance of getting +6 to farm and herby.




I might be wrong though, haven't touched the things since RFD came out..

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6 :P




Can give anything from -6 to +6




(This is the reason you'll see so many high levels with EXACTLY 69 construction. They get 69, stew to 75, to build an alter, after that con is kinda useless [for the cost]. It's very common to see 69 con on a lot of people)




Right and wrong. A lot of people do have 69 to make the Gilded Altar, but not because of evil stew. It is a combination of tea, which give a +3 boost when you have level 2 teak items in kitchen and the Crystal Saw which gives a invisible +3, making a +6 boost.




And a lot of people go further due to love of a house. It is one of several areas where you actually get individuality in RS.




As for the stew, you need 3 spices. 1 spice = +/- 2. 2 spice =+/- 4. So yea, you need 3, Wont be a pain if you got a grown cat. Brown spices yea.

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When are trying to lend something, the word to use is borrow. Not barrows, which is a mini-game.

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