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Dagannoth Kings Public Event

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It is time to pick up a long forgotten art. In the old days, monster hunters from far and near would gather for a dangerous mission on Waterbirth Island in the hope of getting an axe made from dragon metal. Now new days have come, and the Dagannoth Kings Lair is left vacant. But on Thursday night, 4 December 2008, we will gather to slay the kings keeping the dragon axes, mud staffs and magical rings away from the masses.




    [*:3vdy6hj7]Time: 20:00 UTC, Thursday, 4th December 2008
    [*:3vdy6hj7]Location: Meet at Seer's bank
    [*:3vdy6hj7]Clan-chat: 3---Hit---U
    [*:3vdy6hj7]World: 91




Both Zybez and Tip.It have some useful guides for this event (if you're unsure what to bring).




If you're unsure which style of Combat to bring (Melee, Range or Mage) then bring which you feel most comfortable with.


Hope to see you there!

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