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Questing at 45 Def


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Alright, working on my Zerker Pure and was just thinking a head a bit. Would it be possible to do these quests and stay under 45 defense? I dont mean can i physically do the quest,I mean will the rewards put me over 45 def even If i was lvl 1 defense.




All of RFD


Dragon Slayer




Fremnik Trials




all I can think of off thet op of my head. Thanks.

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It takes 61.5k to get to 45 defence, With that in mind, take a look at this guide, Scroll down to look at the quests that give Defence exp, should be pretty easy to see which quests you can and cant do so that you dont go over 45 defence






Wow thanks, been looking for something like that. Figured out that I will get like 56k def xp from the quests I need to do.

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I'm am also turning into a zerker pure at the moment. ::' if you start out with 1 defence you can do monkey madness and use the defence xp from the quest then you can do dragon slayer and that will get you to 43 defence, then you can do nature spirit and the quests need to do RFD and get your barrows gloves. but DO NOT TRAIN ANY DEFENCE untill you are done with all the quests you need to do for barrows gloves.

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