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The Ultimate 1-99 Mining Guide (F2p)

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Welcome to my mining guide. I'm 85 Mining and know a lot about mining. It's my favorite skill (even though not many people like it as well). In this guide I'll show you the best ways to gain levels, to make money, some mining locations, how to powermine, and even the approximate mining level inorder to mine an ore in 1 hit (with a rune pickaxe).

Note:This is a guide to help most f2pers. It will only contain f2p information.

Gaining Levels

Levelling Up (The Fast Way)

Levels 1-21

The only two ores that you can mine from the start are tin and copper. Mine either tin or copper (or both :thumbsup: ). Once you acheive level 6, try to obtain a steel pickaxe. The type of pickaxe that you use will affect how fast you will get an ore. At level 21, try to obtain a mithril pickaxe, for even better speed.

Levels 21-41

Now that you can use a mithril pickaxe, why not trying mining iron? You can either bank them or some profit (100gp each) or just drop them and continue mining-also known as powermining. It won't take long to acheive level 41.

Levels 41-99

Congratulations on getting this far! You are now on your way on becoming a master miner! I'm assuming that you now have a rune pickaxe, so let's go on, shall we? You have some options to choose from. Coal, silver or gold, or continue with iron. I would suggest iron, however, because it is better and faster xp. If you want to make some profit, then go for coal or gold. Behond level 50, you will be able to mine iron in one hit! So, leveling will be a piece of cake. The only bad part of this is that you will mine iron all the way to 99. This will take some time and might be boring. It'll take more than 1 million clicks to acheive level 99.

Levelling Up (The Money Making Way)

Levels 1-15

You can mine tin or copper to make some profit. But mining clay is even better. You can mine a full inventory of clay and get some water to make it turn into "soft clay." This will make you even more money.

Levels 15-30

You can now mine the next ore in the list! Iron! It's a good material to sell because it seels quite fast and is 100 each! That's 2.8k per load!

Levels 30-60

Coal is more expensive due to the fact that it's in demand for smithing. Almost all bars need at least 2 coal. Go and mine coal for some insane money making profit! It's around 170-175gp each. That's 4,760-4,900 per load.

Levels 60-70

Now that you can enter the mining guild, why not mining some more coal, or even mithril. There's a whole lot more coal and mithril ores in the guild. There's over 30 coal and 5 mithril. And the best part is that it's farly close to a bank! That way, you can deposit your ores and continue with mining.

Levels 70-85

You can now mine addy at this level. They each sell for 1.1-1.2k each. That's about 32.2k per load!

Levels 85-99

Congratulations on making it this far. You can now mine runite- probably the most expensive raw material in the game. It's price changes daily, but is usually around 15.5k-17.0k. The only downfall is that you can only mine runite in level 46 wilderness. The best way on how the mine this is to world hop. It takes up to 25 minutes to respawn (In a least populated world), so it's recommended to world hop. Try to log into the next world number from your recent world. For example: If you mined runite at world 94, then try to log in to 95 or 93. Also, everytime you log into a world doesn't mean that the two runite ores will be there. It could of have been already mined by someone else. There's a lot of competition there. Be aware of revenants that may attack you, too. :ohnoes:

Mining Locations For Each Ore:

Copper/Tin Barbarian Village, Dwarven Mines, Lumbridge East Mine, Rimmington, Varrok Southeast Mine, Varrok Southwest Mine

Iron Al kaird Mine, Dwarven Mines, Hobgoblins Mine, Rimmington, Varrok Southwest Mine (Due to the change of the ore formation in the Al kaird Mine, the best place to powermine is Rimmington :( )

Coal Barbarian Village, Hobgolbins Mine, Lumbridge Southwest Mine, Mining Guild, Skeleton Mine

Silver/Gold Crafting Guild, Crandor Isle, Dwarven Mines, Rimmington Mine

Mithril Crandor Isle, Dwarven Mines, Hobgoblins Mine, Mining Guild,

Addy Crandor Isle, Dwarven Mines, Hobgolin Mines, Lumbridge Southwest Mine

Runite Level 46 Wilderness Mines (The only one :x )

The One Hit Table (With A Rune Pickaxe)

Note: This is not actually the level that you mine the ore in one hit. This is just an approximate level.

Copper/Tin Level 41

Iron Level 50

Silver Level 88

Coal, Gold, Mithril, Addy, Runite N/A

Information On How To Powermine Iron

I'll try to explain how to powermine the correct way the best I can. If you don't understand what I'm saying, then try it another way.

First, make sure that there's at least 2 iron ores in your inventory at all times. Then, find an area that has at least 3 rocks. It doesn't have to be in a triangle shapped form, just so that it's quite fairly close to one another. Next, click on your first rock. Right when your character is about to swing at the rock, right-click on an iron ore in your inventory. When your character gets the ore (when the rock turns black) click on "drop" from your previous iron ore in your inventory. Then continue the progress.

One thing to be aware of is that you might be having a competiton between another player. If you find yourself not getting the ore, and your oppenont keeps getting it, then try to log into a different world, or go to another mining location. The mining level doesn't affect your speed, when it comes to mining iron. It's all about your connection. Unfairly, someone that has 50 mining can beat a player that has 85 mining (like me \<img src=/' /> ) just because of their connection speed. This happens to me all the time, so don't think your the only one that has this problem. Some people actually think that the higher your mining level, the worse you get. I'm not sure if this is right though. One more thing: The amount of people that's in a certain world affects on how faster the respawn time will be for the rocks. Try to mine in a more populated world.

Also, you can change from mining ores to another if you want. That way you don't get bored from powermining the same iron or logging out and logging back in just to mine two runites.

Thanks for reading my guide. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: This is my first guide that I wrote. I hope this helped many of you miners out there. Please leave comments and tell me if anything I said needs to be edited. Thanks and Happy Mining! =D>

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I'd like to make a quick correction. Runite doesn't take 30 minutes to respawn; it never will. The time it takes to respawn (in seconds) is 1386-(players in world/3). I've used those numbers when mining and never been off by more than, say, 10 seconds.

Also, you'll want to mention that mining for cash and mining for xp do not go together in f2p (it can be done in p2p, but not many people would want to do that). So, when you need cash, use the moneymaking mining methods; when you want xp, use the xp methods. Your moneymaking methods are not viable methods to use to level up, which you claim.

Also, this guide contains, as far as I can tell, no new methods or interesting takes on old methods. I don't mean to be condescending, but it probably won't stick out much without something new.
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    Rat Meat

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Thanks. I corrected the runite mining information.

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I dare you to mine runite from 85-99.

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I'm pretty sure these respawn times are correct or close to correct:

Full World (2000):

12 minutes and 30 seconds

1900 People:

13 minutes

1800 People:

13 minutes and 30 seconds

1700 People:

14 minutes

1600 People:

14 minutes and 30 seconds

1500 People:

15 minutes

1400 People:

15 minutes and 30 seconds

1300 People:

16 minutes

1200 People:

16 minutes and 30 seconds

1100 People:

17 minutes

1000 People:

17 minutes and 30 seconds

900 People:

18 minutes

800 People:

18 minutes and 30 seconds

700 People:

19 minutes

600 People:

19 minutes and 30 seconds

500 People:

20 minutes

400 People:

20 minutes and 30 seconds

300 People:

21 minutes

200 People:

21 minutes and 30 seconds

100 People:

22 minutes

These are from Lady Shahdie's guide at viewtopic.php?f=180&t=761848. Lady Shahdie's guide is also a good example of how to write a good guide in general and it happens to be on the same subject. You could check it out and maybe incorporate some things like hide tags into your future guides.

Also, you should just mine rune ess until 41 in f2p and only then go for iron. There is never a good reason to mine coal imo as you can get better money and exp alternating between gold in crafting guild and powermining iron.
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lol...this guide scares me so much with the amount of things that are wrong with it...i'd might as well list them

1)Mithril in mining guild- massive amounts of people know about it...your gonna have to face a ton of competition...would be easier just to mine coal there...

2)Runite respawn in 46 wildy- massive amounts of people pk there....you'd be literally going there, mining the runite ore, and either hopping to a world that's safe, hopping to a world that's dangerous, or dying in that world before you got the ore

3)easier ways to get to 60- if you have 40 crafting...which most people do...crafting guild's ores are quicker to mine, offer more xp, and are worth more than coal....so you may have to get some crafting lvls...as soon as you can access the guild...you can get to 60 much quicker and much more profitable-"er" than pure coal alone
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Lol, okay, when mining runite, make sure that your not in a pvp world or bounty hunter world. That way you can mine runite (hopefully) without anybody pking you. And you don't have to mine 85-99 with runite. That'll be terriblely boring. That's why I said it the money making way. It's pretty much used to make some profit. Not to mine it for fast exp. Duh.

And if you want to mine gold, then go ahead. Your right, it is a better way to make money than mining coal. It's your choice to. You can listen to my guide or do whatever else you want. I really don't care.

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