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  1. Trading between accounts is against the rules, so stonewall won't do it. I think JAGEx should consider modifying the rule because it's not enforced at all and players have acted as if it weren't there for years. I also don't think it would be so bad to allow trading between accounts. You made the money, so you should be able to give it to anybody you want, even yourself. Have you ever asked a random turmoil pure how they got the money. Many of them will talk in public chat about how they traded between accounts. I think there should be a trade-upon-login system where you could trade anything so that the other player would receive it upon their next login, similar to returning a lend item. You could use this to trade between your own accounts or just to deliver a share of the loot to someone who had to leave as soon as the last trip to the boss was over. Logging in multiple characters could remain against the rules as anyone still logging in multiple characters would probably be trying to exploit their numbers somehow. Refershing to see someone with an 06 account creation date who still thinks JAGEx is on the way up. :twss:
  2. On the 3rd of December 2010 Andrew, Paul and Constant Tedder were replaced by four people from new investors, Spectrum Equity Investors and the Raine Group on the JAGEx board of directors. On the 21st there was a Wilderness and Free Trade Vote update on the front page. Also, Spectrum, Raine and Insight Venture Partners now own over 85% of JAGEx, while Andrew owns 0% of JAGEx and has a new company called Fen Research. It's not difficult to see what happened: new owners wanted new direction.
  3. No, you get the new herbs by setting it on herbs. JaGEx messed up and you don't actually get the new seeds from MTK.
  4. I guess only herbs work. RAGE!1!! I'm collecting for a few weeks now. I'm guessing 3-4 weeks worth. Lets see... Dude, no. I already sent a bug report. Gather herbs not seeds. Seeds doesn't work.
  5. Has anyone actually got new seeds from MTK? I know it says MTK works in the update, but I just gathered a weeks worth with 10 on seeds and 5 on flax without a single fellstalk/morchella. Edit: I guess only herbs work. RAGE!1!!
  6. The docking pier of Musa point is the only place with a beer barrel in f2p I think. The Draynor one was removed with the visual update. The barrel has to have a "It's got ale in it", "The barrel is full of ale" or "Mmm...beer!" examine. Barbarians will attack you and you won't get beer, Sy.
  7. You should look into using some quest rewards or task diary lamps to get to 60-70. Here's a list of the quest rewards usable for dg: http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/dungeoneering_quest_rewards. Also, the Fremmenik tasks give better lamps than others with just easy and medium tasks giving 15k exp, so I would start with that http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fremmenik_Diary. Edit: 1 to 11 c1small, 12 to about 2/3 of available floors c2small, from there on c6small until last 5 or 6 floors c6medium.
  8. Herb: If you're willing to use spicy stews from RFD, then you only need 91 herblore to make all the overloads you need. Extremes would be more cost effective for slayer anyway. The least expensive way to train herb chages nearly daily, but making super restores is usually very good. Buy the unfinished potion and just add the secondary if you haven't unlocked scroll of cleansing from dungeoneering. Start making the untradable potions as soon as you can as the day will come when you run out of them. Pray: Dragon bones would be a lot cheaper than frost dragon bones. You could also try to buy ourg or dagannoth bones for cheap exp. You can afford 95 pray and 91 herb with cash to spare for better slayer gear and cannonballs with 250M if you use something else than frost dragon bones. Just use the cash from slayer and other things you do on the side to get 96 herblore come next bonus xp weekend if you dislike fiddling around with the stews. Here's a link to Grimy Bunyip's spreadsheets in case you want to know the efficient ways to train the skills: http://grimy.freeforums.org/grimy-s-reference-spreadsheets-t3.html
  9. From RSWiki: With the release of the Elite tasks of the Varrock diary, comes the log storage boxes which holds one set of 20 logs of the same type (logs can be noted). You cannot store less then 20 logs and if your inventory cannot hold all 20 logs the logs cannot be withdrawn from the box. The log storage boxes are useful for unnoting logs so there is no need for a run to load up logs into the beacons to prepare for the actual lighting of the network. Also, you need 92 pray and 88 smith for the elite tasks. Gold with gaunts is the best until you reach 99.
  10. Seriously: Writing. It's important to the tradition of thinking called science and it allows me to have much more time to think when communicating. My want-o-meter is giving me a reading of over five gigacheesecakes. Light. Even god was impressed after inventing it.
  11. Zimbu


    I have a pair of Vibram Fivefingers. At least those things last forever unlike normal running shoes. Also, 1 pair of black oxfords from Church's 1 pair of whatever these are called's http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/product_6491010_1_40000000001_-1?categoryId=196&top_category=120552 1 pair of brown brogues from Pal Zileri 1 pair of basketball shoes (Nike LeBron 4) 2 pairs of running shoes (Nike Pegasus and a nearly broken pair of Adidas Trediacs) 1 pair of sturdy Catepillars for the winter 1 pair of rubber boots from Nokia (yes they make rubber boots as well) I usually try to buy clothes that won't break apart in a few short years and I only make exceptions when it comes to sporting clothes. Shoes aren't any different. I guess nine pairs is a high total amount for a guy, but everything has a specific use (except for the Vibrams). I would collect shoes if I was a millionaire dandy. However, I'm not. Historywise, I think all of my shoes have been 30% off or more when I bought them.
  12. Air battlestaffs would be more efficient than green d'hide. Also, using the lunar magics spell superglass make gives decent magic and crafting exp while providing profit. Tanning the leather isn't a very good money making method unless your skill levels are very low, so it would probably be better to make money with another method and just buy tanned leather. Al Kharid tanner with terrorbird scrolls for run energy restoration is still the fastest afaik.
  13. Have you confirmed that this works? I'm pretty you get your seed back 5% of the time when you use the spade to clear the patch. I don't have the scroll of life, but I'd imagine that there would be a drop in the price of magic seeds if they became this easy to obtain.
  14. Zimbu


    tbh, if you set your respawn at falador, you can run back to draynor in a couple of minutes. What I did was go there, theive until v low life with double hp restore on the whole time (until about 5 p points). Wait until v low HP, put on redemption, wait til v low hp again, bank everything apart from explorer ring, die to farmers, cabbage port back rinse and repeat. or you could realize it's more efficient to buy cheap food (trout, salmon or tuna) and heal with that instead of loosing a lot of theiving time on dying and coming back to "save money by spending less" You could make some money and get the healing for free if you bought half pies from GE at <150gp each and made the dishes into pie shells afterwards. Pie shell making is 800-900k/hour with the difficult part being getting the dishes. Half pies are often easier to buy than the just the dishes on the GE.
  15. There is always a peak starting sharply in the beginning of June and ending around August and another peak starting from December and ending between January and [whenever summer holidays end in the southern hemisphere]. That was when RS was at its prime. (Gameplay and players) Yes, players like Xu Guan127, a level 3 skiller who I met one day when he was selling 900k yew logs at 150 each in world 1 Varrock. I still wish he would log back in so we 2007 players could have a chat without all the RSC vets pestering us with constant reminiscing of cracker drops, the Sabres and dwarf invasions. I agree with this completely. That is the whole point of Runescape and business in general. You don't make a game that has already been done 100 times. The things making sure RS doesn't have challengers are the huge investments required in making and the difficulty of marketing such games.
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