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  1. If I did happen to have all those tokens, what would it be good for?
  2. I know that DD is best for most training situations, but what are the situational uses of the DFS and CKS? Input is appreciated :)
  3. Gano + PPS sounds like an interesting set to try against Jad. What about getting through the rest of the waves?
  4. How can I apply to join DGS? I know it says not recruiting on the clan page, but since there are level reqs posted on the first page I assume there must be some avenue of insinuation...
  5. I already use w117, but the problem is that it's been a very inconsistent experience. I've been on awesome teams, but also really slow, frustrating ones. I'd like to have a more consistent training speed.
  6. I need help finding some good clans to speed up my training. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Is your clan any good? I need to find one...
  8. That is 100% a revenant dragon, no doubts. I'm disappointed that it lost it's second head. White dragons are supposed to be 2 headed :(
  9. I was finally hoping that you would no longer look like some pervert flasher when sitting with vskirt but no, why cant they fix that. Wow, that's a nice glitch right there! Really promotes the whole "Friendly for all ages" theme JaGex's trying to sell. :thumbsup:
  10. Win. The character can do some pretty evil things from an NPC's perspective, but nothing that bad from the perspective of another player. I dont think JaGex will ever implement thieving from other people, as that would cause much raging on the forums and other annoyances.
  11. How does Zarfot have so much time to play normally? Isn't he in college?
  12. A lot of people seemed to have trouble on her, so I got paranoid and brought sharks and brews instead of monkfish. I wore Verac armor, used CLS and Rune CBow. Had no problems at all. You just have to range her once so she changes prayer, then keep hitting her with your melee weapon. I ate like 7 sharks for the whole fight.
  13. Can't finish the modification puzzle! Need help on the upper part :(
  14. The pictures so far aren't promising, but I'm sure they're not the final models......
  15. Haha, more useless items with which to clutter our banks!
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