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range help


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Yea, basically wear best vambraces you can get, coif, leather armor, best chaps you can get, best bow you can get, bronze arrows, normal boots, normal cape, and amulet of power.




Cows are a decent option, for money and training at low levels.




Higher levels might be better off with minotaurs at stronghold if security, i think you can make a minor profit in arrows depending on range level.




And, if moneys not an issue, you can always just range hobgoblins near crafting guild.


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right if your a solid pure then chickens near lummy :D




make money off the feathers (or used to be able to i think) and they die easily. do that and maybe cows until about 20 ranged. then move onto something a bit harder that you can safespot




just make sure your ranged +atk is as high as poss, so you hit more often



yep thats f2p..just waiting for my membership to expire

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