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Ebaywizard11's Blog. The Journey to 83 in every skill.

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As you might've guessed, this is another blog of another typical rs player. I don't consider myself special, I don't play competitively, I just play for fun.








[hide=General Life]This is my general real life info.


I live in the USA, I have an Xbox live account (Awesomesuperior, if you were wondering). I like to whack people with rubber pickles, I am 14, I like writing stories, my favorite color is green, my most prized game is probably my wind waker. I occasionally play the guitar (I'm not at all a very good guitarist, imo). Also, my favorite band is Nightwish, I have no favorite song of theirs (it constantly changes). I'd rather be alone than in a crowd of random people. I'll add more once I thinks of it.[/hide]




[hide=General Runescape]I have been playing since late 2003 or early 2004 (I don't know exactly when I started); I have a rubber chicken, just not on my "main"; it's on my first account, my lvl10. My favorite mini-game is probably either Castlewars or Barrows (even though I've never gotten a barrows item). My favorite skills are Farming, Agility, and Runecrafting, even though their levels don't show it. I am frugal, compared to my friends. I prefer training defence over strength, and mage over melee. I am not what you would call "rich" (10mill gp, and guthan's, with my 2mill worth of gear, and some random banked stuff). I hate training fletching, herblore, and I hate all pures except for the nice ones (personality wise). I "assume good faith." Like in the previous section, I'll add more stuff as I remember it.[/hide]




[hide=Recent Gains]I'll post pictures of certain things I obtain (monster drops, achievement diaries, levels, rare items).












[hide=Current Goals]I will have my goals split into separate sections[/hide]


[hide=Working]These are the things I am doing currently in RuneScape when I'm on.


Collecting/Buying seeds for Farming, Training combat for a clan tournament coming up. I'll edit as things change.[/hide]


[hide=Short-Term Skill Goals]Get skill requirements for WGS, Get quest cape, 68 Summoning. I'll add more as I go.[/hide]


[hide=Long-Term Skill Goals]Untrimmed 99 Farming, 99 Runecrafting, 85 Ranged, All Skills 83+ (2k skill total). All add more as I go.[/hide]


[hide=Miscellaneous]Learn how to do God Wars efficiently, Obtain White cw armour for my house. Learn how to efficiently fight DKS, KQ, and other bosses I don't know. I'll add more as I think of them.[/hide]




[hide=Statistics]These were my stats at the time I started this "Blog," which was on Saturday, April 4th, 9:53PM -




These are my current stats -






[hide=Conclusion]Thanks for reading my blog, I'm surprised you've read this far. My e-mail is [email protected]. I have, currently, no plans to quit or take a break from RuneScape. I am in the clan of Fallen Rose, which I find quite relaxing. I generally only join social clans, or clans with no buttloads of activity requirements, as I like to switch between Rs, my gamecube, and my Xbox 360.


Runescape is property of Jagex, yada yada.[/hide]




[hide=Bumping]These are the pictures you can use to add some flare to bumping, I'll add more as I make them.







If you notice any errors, have any questions, or spot mis-spellings, contact me or post.


I'd also like to thank all of my friends who have supported, helped, and hung out with me over the years.


I always have my friendslist to on, except when some idiot keeps pm'ing me begging or calling me names.


You can hate it, you can love it; I don't care, just rate it, or just tell me how much of a "no-life" or "loner" I seem.

This feels exceptional on my under-carriage.

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Good luck, Ebay. My favorite color is also green. :)


Thanks, and I also saw your blog, it's good, but not as good as mine :roll:

This feels exceptional on my under-carriage.

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Good luck with your goals :thumbsup:


Woudnt 68 summoning come before 83+ all skills? <3:


Thanks for telling me. Yes, it would :wall:


Anyways, I "fixed" it.

This feels exceptional on my under-carriage.

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