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  1. Gah, out of the loop. Haven't logged in for several weeks and when I went to check my hiscores in SwiftKit, my name didn't show up... Got scared, but then I noticed some of my friends' names not showing up either. Then I looked more into the issue and gave Jagex the finger. >_>
  2. [hide] [/hide]Aww, missed you girls! <3: Still busy with school and work. Hung out at a friend's place for Thanksgiving this year, as my roommates (who are from the same town as me) and I decided not to purchase the $70 round-trip bus tickets this year. Still fun. :D Hope all is well with everyone. ^_^ Last few weeks coming up with a lot of schoolwork to do >_< We'll see how this goes.
  3. Pinkbullet3


    Sitting in front of the computer eating this like the fatass that I am (not my pic):
  4. Pinkbullet3


    Happy pear is happy
  5. 哈哈大笑 :wub: Good stuff, son. :lol: Tell me this inspires you to kick some dark wizard ass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf8pfEdPw10
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    You some kind of vegetabletarian? I kid. Salads are good. I avoid soda and candy simply because I feel my teeth rotting when I consume them.
  7. Thank you, kind sir! So here's what's going down for the next 2-3 weeks. Today, I'll be picking up my gramma, aunt, and cousin up from the airport and then they'll be staying with us for the next full week. We'll be taking them around the city and basically just hanging out. All the grade schools in my area start school tomorrow. Should be fun, fun, fun for them! Next Thursday I'll be driving up to school to unload my things and set-up my part of the apartment (I'll be sharing it with 3 other friends). After that I'll be visiting my aunt in a different state on the weekend while my friends unpack their things (parents wanted to visit aunt at the last minute, to explain this weird scheduling). Then I'll be returning back to school and hanging out with everyone until we start school on the 7th. Should be fun. Just kidding, there's a [cabbage]ton of construction on our campus.
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    That's preposterous.
  9. :D So nice of you! I'd need more practice and defence or else I'd be dying and slowing down the group on many floors. I also start school next month >_> You're starting his week, aren't you?
  10. "Want to help clean up?" (see second comment) I'd love to help. Also, for those who live in England, is it legal to protect your property with a firearm? It's understandable that rioters have the ability to hurl rocks at your store from a distance, but couldn't you be able to fend for your property (and life) by threatening the looters with a gun? There'd probably be too many looters to fend off, now that I think about it.
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    Damn hipsters. Icing their cookies before they were cool...
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    For those who've never heard of them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spudnut_Shops
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    Of course not; you just push off with one foot. :lol:
  14. --- If you're reading this, I just wanted to know that I love you.
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