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  1. Boobs top view: B Boobs front view: oo Boobs side view: b Boob.
  2. Passing him by the minute :twisted: GET UNDER MEHHHH PINKY. Gratties on 93 and 94 DG!!! XD :thumbsup:
  3. You can also just enter a floor on Complexity 1 and you should have one in your bag to start off with. Depends on your dg level.
  4. e_e e_e e‿e --- Three sets of relatives coming over within the next 6 weeks. >_> sldkfjalke;alwkealkef;alkdjlksdaf :ph34r:
  5. Just doin' my job. :lol: I would! I should! I'd post n00ds if I could! You know you want it. :smile: You flatter me with your honesty. Oh and I like the second one better of the two you posted, she seems way too into it in the first one for me to trust that. Just sayin'. She is indeed both the talented Ms. Hermonie Granger and a very beautiful young woman. <3: Ugh. #-o ... That's "Hermione", NOT "Hermonie"! Seriously, get your movie character names right! Or would you like it if someone went around intentionally messing up your online names? :angry: ~D. V. "Yes, damnit... That DOES annoy me..." Devnull (p.s.: Pinkbullet3, what's up with resorting to attention-grabbing stunts like this?) Quite simple. I'm an attention hor-se. I like to have fun. You do too. And him. And her. And her. And him. I just woke up. :ph34r: *see's mod and looks for an escape route* *turns around and runs headfirst into swedishboy*
  6. No, you came here first for Emma, then for me. Don't worry, I would've done the same. [spoiler=Slightly NSFW.]
  7. Whaaaa nice job Ami! :thumbsup: All my bbones are belong to you
  8. Hahaha, those Desert Boots are definitely somethin'! Humanoids, go trip yourself. Inappropriate comic found on reddit.
  9. Gratties! :thumbsup: I'm still here; I just haven't found the motivation to play, lol :mad: I think getting 99 together would be superly awesome! How often do you play nowadays? I'm usually free during the week so I'll see what I can do.
  10. Pinkbullet3


    Oh my fecking. Edit: Ahahaha, I thought that was your website for a second. Wait, is it? Surely it is not. If it is, allow me to clean up the mess I just made back there.
  11. :ph34r: Borrowed 7 CDs from the library today to download, all by The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night Abbey Road Beatles for Sale Help! Live at the BBC Please Please Me Rubber Soul 5.8 hours of new listening material for me. Release the kraken.
  12. In other words, Sonic's become a ninja. A disabled ninja, but a ninja nonetheless. :ph34r:
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