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  1. Boy, I take my parties seriously. e_e Nooo! Although, activity in the cc has gone down a bit, so your resignation is understandable. Not the gf. WE'LL SEE THOOOO. :o Hahaha, Sonic. I like the cut of your jib. I really do. :mellow: Danke! You are so silly. She's in Hawaii right now to have fun/take summer classes. We'll see what happens next year. Amen! But it's good to see that you're alive. I'm still amazed at your dungeoneering prowess. I've been meaning to start working on mine for a while and haven't ever gotten around to it.. Let's see.. Today is the last real day of school, then 3 days of finals. Last weekend I got to ditch school to go to the state track meet with my teammate, though I didn't run. Somehow he ran a 3 second PR in prelims to run a 1:53.3 Then failed in finals by coming in last with 1:56.8 or something. If he had ran his prelims time in finals he would have taken second. He's the best runner on our team but pretty lazy and hates distance, so he just told coach he's not running cross next year, so that didn't go over well. I'm official hired at Fermi now! Filled out all the forms and everything, they're doing a background check. It'll be a busy summer. I love you <3: Haaa, sounds like a bit of drama right thur. Could you somehow tell he was going to run slower than his PR? And huge gratz on the Spermi acceptance! If I could, I would so go to join your or watch you split atoms in half.
  2. :o Hot. What car do you drive?
  3. Pinkbullet3


    Tomatoes and eggs. I was taught to make both separately and then mix them together at the end. Scramble some eggs, set aside, then the tomatoes, making aure to squish the juices out of them. Add a teeny bit of sugar to make the tomatoes a little sweet. A Chinese dish, lol.
  4. Pinkbullet3


    First thing I learned to cook when I was young, haha
  5. Aww! If I attended U of I I so would've gone to get your signature! Bumping into a dead body only makes you scream. Scream. Probably busy studying. Close. I'll tell everything below. --- So the first week of May was the week before finals. Studied the best I could. The Sunday of the week of finals, I somehow catch a cold, and that Sunday we lost our Ultimate Frisbee game because of me. :( Anyway, the next day, Monday, I had 3 finals in a day. Tried my best, did poorly on all of them, and sulked for the rest of the week until Friday, my last final, came. Did somewhat well on that one, then my parents came up that Saturday and helped me move out of my room to go back home. So then my parents and I hang out at WisDells for a day, stay the night, then get home by Sunday night. Then Monday I biked to my local Target and bought some food (fruit snacks, popsicles, cereal, milk, juice, and bread, lol. I'm not a very complicated person). The rest of the week I just sat around lazily, doing random things. Probably the most productive thing was purchase my textbook for a psychology class that I'll be taking at my local community college from 6/7 to 7/20-something. It'll be from 12pm to 2:50pm on T/Th. The book was around $175 or something. They said I'll get at most 50% if I return it in good condition. Then Thursday my mum and I headed to Florida to visit her cousins who are in Miami. Had a good, hot, time. Took a pic at the 'southernmost point in the U.S.', also 90 miles from Cuba, lol. Then I got back Tuesday afternoon and [bleep]ed around the house until Thursday when a girl came down from the Uni to visit Chicago. Before I left for home, she and I had lunch and she said she wanted to visit Chicago but said lodging was a bit expensive. I offered to let her stay at mi casa for the duration. Anyway, she gets here Thursday by bus. I took a train from my house to downtown Chicago to pick her up. After our meet and greet, we went to a small restaurant and had some sharwarmas and gyros before heading back home (she had luggage that I didn't want to carry around the city). Saw Hangover II (interesting and terrible movie to say the least) and that was that. Then the rest of the weekend consisted of visiting various attractions around the city. Blah blah blah Millenium Park, fArt Institute, Michigan Avenue, etc. We were gonna go to the top of the Sears Tower (not Willis Tower. Never Willis Tower), but the whole weekend consisted of crap weather. I think Saturday was actually nice, but she wanted to go during the evening, and by Saturday evening it was back to cloudy skies. She left Sunday night and then Monday, Memorial Day, was effing hot. A friend and I biked in the morning to grab some early lunch and also bought some bagels for the week. Then later in that day, some high school friends and I made some fried chicken and [bleep]ed around as usual. Then Tuesday and Wednesday I just wasted my life away. Wednesday, I got on and dunged a bit with the crew. 'twas fun. :D Not much to look forward to for the rest of this week. Summer school starts next week. I'm also looking to buy a road bike because I've somehow developed an addiction to biking over the course of the school year. Damn. Oh yeah. Watched Shaytards and browsed reddit (Steph!) a ton.
  6. Lost interest in the game, lol!

  7. nice :o I'm equally as amazed. --- Finals week this week. Moving home Saturday. Semester's gone pretty well, despite the decrease in 'scaping. Woke up with a dry throat this morning which has scared me all day into thinking I'll be developing a cold over the next few days. I hope this isn't the case... Roomie's coughing like mad because of the fact that he got little sleep over a project he was working on over the past 5-6 days and he said all he did in the first 3-4 days was smoke and eat very little. I can't do jack [cabbage] to fix his coughing so all I can do is put in my headphones and attempt to ignore the hacking. -.- Gah, I wish it were next Sunday. Life goes on. :s And I leave my friends with this while I go back to reviewing: (Click on the image at the top to view a larger version.)
  8. No one has pictures or any sort of evidence? Osama could be sitting in his bunker watching this unfold, eating popcorn and laughing his ass off in the process. Brb, gonna go cheer.
  9. *Sonic runs south* *Sonic stops* *Sonic makes :twisted: face* *Sonic turns around and his hands start glowing red* *two pkers catch up* *Sonic shoots two fire blasts at once* *BOOM BOOM* *pkers fall dead* *logs out* I also have finals coming up in two weeks. :( But that's no excuse not to play, amirite? *still doesn't log in*
  10. I tried to come with something that Joor could be thinking about, but I couldn't because I honestly can't read cats. I like the openness of your backyard. Makes me fee more free than being confined within the tall buildings that I currently reside and study in. :( Nice pictures. :thumbup:
  11. Yeah, I have 170 completed so I can confirm. Wert, you can make your list in Excel or something. I did that with the F2P music tracks but it's been a while since I've updated it. :mad: Also, hi.
  12. Interesting. Ever since I did what I posted above, I haven't had any problems. And I don't suppose you use RocketDock? I got annoying for me to have to delete the themes everytime on start-up :mad:
  13. [spoiler=Off-topic.] Agreed. Imagine how much dumb [cabbage] will be amplified once 12/21/2012 comes... "OMG SO AND SO SAID THIS. THE WORLD'S GONNA END."
  14. :lol: "Apple claims..." Source: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/04/apple-iphone-tracking/
  15. I think it's RocketDock? I just disabled the "Run on Startup" option, restarted my computer, and the problem ceased. 0.o
  16. Bombs could also be hidden in backpacks or underneath jackets and shirts. Bombs could be hiding anywhere. Might as well ban clothing altogether. "Oh look, that man has something taped to his body. We didn't even have to suspect anything." Get my drift? :smile:
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