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  1. Lol, believe it or not, it is the Hill Giant's cave. Thought I'd go train there since it was near Varrock. (Lessers too far...)
  2. I decided to just have some fun with a Shade... :roll: :D
  3. And as many of you may know, you also get the music called "Frogland" after you leave. (By talking/apologizing to the princess/prince)
  4. Yeah... this is a nice pic for anyone who doesn't know what Frogland looks like... (you get there if you don't kiss the princess/prince) :roll:
  5. Scammer: Hey! I can trim your armor! Me: Cool! How much? Scammer: It's 5k for the body, 3k for the legs, and 1k for the helm. Me: For which kind of armor? Scammer: Rune. Me: Awesome! Guess what? Scammer: What? Me: Go trim your mom. :roll:
  6. I would laugh the whole time I'm logged on. :lol:
  7. Wow... that was a clever plan... I never would've thought of that...
  8. 5 frog visits... :roll: Guess I'll try the "ignore" thing and see what happens the 6th time...
  9. Alright. Here's what I've gotten over the past 8 months: 5 frog visits 2 mimes (1st time was a new emote and 2nd was top and boots) 2 freaky foresters (hat and top) 1 drill demon (camo helm) ...and that's it. 8)
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