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  1. Hallo dere. I sincerely doubt that any of you recognize me or remember the name, but I used to frequent these forums a good long time ago. I was a member of the (now defunct!??!) TET and had a lovely time on these forums. I took an extended break a long time ago, but came back for a summer 2 years ago, and since then have rarely played (read: never). But I've (kinda) kept my eye on things and whatnot occasionally. I like checking on the price of Santa Hat's nowadays--bought mine in 2004(?) on Christmas Day for 145k. Now it's a bit more than that. Heh. I'm in Italy right now, so I was reminded of the Tip.It forums of course, and thought I'd make a post. I'm not making a triumphant return to the game or anything, but maybe to these forums off and on. Just thought I'd say hi, see if anyone remembers the good ol' days of Kah-Bah-Gee vs. TET and Mirrorforced and when TET events were still outrageously popular because we gave away phr33 st00f. Cheers, -Dalcyte
  2. Happy birthday Dalcyyyte! Long time no see :)

  3. I resent that remark. You should show your face more often.

  4. I remember that! This post reminded me of that too actually lol. F2P....kinda sucks. I'm not having a lot of fun with it, it's kind of stale for me. After a certain point, all you have is the repetitive clicking stuff (if you don't do combat like me), whereas in p2p you got the minigames, quests, other skills that aren't that, et
  5. Pointless shmointless, I think it'd be a really cool and interesting thing to do. I mean you have characters who can't really do anything and a huge world in front of them. When rsc was first released, there was a lot of content initially unavailable to people because the game just started...now multiply that by a ton. And it'd be almost overwhelming I think
  6. ur dumb lol

  7. Dude, show your face more often.

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. So all of the wilderness combat battles and PVP from the start of RS2 until this point were senseless and stupid because all they involved was...combat? You're saying that the wilderness and PVP was stupid up until this point because it just rewarded players who had higher combat stats, and it was senseless because a player who had higher crafting could lose to a player who had higher attack. Jagex hasn't rendered PVP a free for all where levels don't matter, combat levels and equipment still play just a big of a role. They made PVP just what it was one week ago, and everyone's acting like they've totally nerfed it even though it's the same as it was I really have to disagree with your point. Combat related skills should yield results in combat related events. If you're good at crafting, you should recieve benefits in crafting, not in agility. Of course there's going to relations between the skills, but your experience in combat should effect your performance in combat and combat alone. There shouldn't be a whole other influence on your performance in combat from a different skill totally unrelated to combat.
  12. People seem to be being a little quick to judge with this removal... These potions massively give you extra levels, and to make them you need a really really high herblore level. That doesn't take skill, or a ton of effort...that takes sheer amounts of cash. Which I suppose takes effort to get, but it's still not fair to ruin PVP for everyone who doesn't want to shell out oodles and oodles of cash for level 85 herblore. I think taking them out of bounty hunter and PVP was a smart move..maybe not soul wars, castle wars, etc etc. With these potions, because they're untradable, you're almost in effect making herblore another combat skill. There's no way for you to buy the potions, and you can only make them with high herblore, and they really really really increase your stats...so therefore herblore in PVP was another combat skill that you could only get through cashola. I think this is a wise choice.
  13. There would be more work to be done, but I do think that Rune being the highest thing you can smith is the result of short-sightedness on Jagex's part, although that is long in the past. Smithing dragon would cause the prices to drop, but dragon really isn't as special as it used to be. Even Jagex has gone back on the comment they made years ago to keep Dragon special and not complete the set by adding in the Kite, the Full Helm, and the Platebody, and two of those three are in the game. I think if Jagex introduce smithing Dragon, they should do it in a similar way to smithing the Dragon platebody and Dragon Kiteshield. By that I mean finding pieces. Ughhh making dragon ore would just be terrible..they've totally devalued dragon weapons, and making dragon ore to make these weapons is just stupid. But I am fairly certain that a smithing update will involve granite. If you go to that one city where Pyramid Plunder is (it's been a while since I was members, sorry) and talk around to some of the folks there, there are major hints about granite. I posted a convo pic from it a while ago, like a year ago, but nothing's happened and the pic is on another computer.
  14. Who needs luck when you got MONEHHSSSS It's almost run out though lol! It was soo stupid, i regret everything that's happened...i gave one to a friend who quit, one to another friend who got scammed out of it, sold 2 very underpriced and I forget what happened to the rest. Why couldn't it have happened when i wasn't like lvl 22... #-o
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