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  1. i lol'd when he said "Pray on the uneducated" but seriously. I Abhor D&D's They are fun but ultimately don't do anything except make you grind in a different way.
  2. It's just griefing(in your example). no way to get around it but it's still griefing. The only solution is to get big or go home though. Try to find a better place to camp. one of the reasons Higher level player's do killsteal is because you aren't utilizing the monster spawns effectively. Hop around and try an empty world. or go somewhere where monsters are more adaquate to your level. The only people who i genuinely would be miffed at are high level players who killsteal low level spawns. I'm mostly talking a level 138 crashing the mole (which is bad cash for him anyway). or players who do things like steal a ranger's safespotted kill. or that guy in your example. Though Ls multi would be a decent idea. A place that allowed multiple people in the same CC to attack the monster but nobody else.
  3. on the runescape main page there is an option called account management. Click on that and then click change display name. follow the directions from there. Just keep in mind that there are risks of losing your original display name but i'm not versed well enough on those. You'd have to ask another person. And also name changing is Members only.
  4. The last time i did something unconventional was to stalk another player. Not irl but to follow them stealthily around runescape setting traps.
  5. I can help you with a few things. One. the whip is the best nondegradeable weapon. With the advent of dungeoneering the chaotic rapier has taken it's place as the best all around weapon, fast speed. Good bonuses. I would recommend you just try out new things. Most stuff has a tutorial for it nowadays. Dungeoneering is a good thing. It's the new skill and you don't need anything to do it. though it doesn't reaklly benefit you too much until you are level 70ish. although a future update may change that. F2p has been getting a few more updates but not as much as members. Dungeoneering, The newest skill, added a plethora of items and content to f2p. Name changes do exist. But you can only do them once a month. Indeed. edit : Dragon bones are also 5k ea.
  6. it would be reversing everything they have been striving to achieve over the last few years. would a guy with 99 str and hp be able to wear granite armor because it has a strength requirement? would a guy with 1 attack and 99(120) dungeoneering be able to wield a chaotic rapier because it has dungeoneering in its requirements? likewise having 99 attack doesn't lend you usage to the staff of light. It would be interesting sure but too many objects have multiple skill requirements for it to work now.
  7. Hope I am not the only one who ignores "cks canifis" =D i ignore Dharok, Karil, Verac, Guthan, Torag and Ahrim. In that order. (mostly because they are huge jerks
  8. I hate the islands. the scenery hurts my eyes and is a nuisance. I still pop in every once in a while for a clue scroll or for a penguin but i tend to avoid it. (the feldip hills jungle area i do venture frequently into)
  9. The mask either needs to have its charges depleted or at full charges to be sold to other players, so maybe he wants to sell it. I think its not trading but rather turning it into a slayer helm. I do believe that i've traded my black mask (0) for people'ss black mask (8) to spare them trouble.
  10. which is why i think we need a balance. i prefer one free death because it gives you a degree of safety yet doesn't allow you to just rush around willy nilly.
  11. I'm definately an afk animal. Sometimes i log out during tasks because i forget to attack.
  12. Well i know for certain now. I'm glad they didn't make lunar staves color-able. seeing as they are now nigh useless.
  13. I particularly like this style of idea. would be nice if they could be found while skilling in daemonheim. But my other point is... Where are our gravite floors?
  14. I'd orgasm but nowadays everywhere's accessible with fairy rings or some kind of transport. soloing would be too easy Not if they made it break if you died, you would still need to run back to the grave. Also, they could make them not work in some locations (like godwars, maybe resetting counter and appearing outside boss door). This would be epic for slayer though, and that is what most people would use this for I think. IT would make several skills easier to train by cutting bank trips. Would there be a need to make it unprofitable? or rather expensive so that it's not what everyone will use all the time for everything in any way but more of a way of convenience for the rich and lazy. maybe require like 99 mage/crafting/smithing/mining to make one and then can be used anywhere just making something require multiple 99's doesn't make it any more balanced. Its still broken but only a select %age of the population can use it.
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