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  1. Where was that page that shows you good places to train combat on this website?
  2. The crafting guild is by far the best place to mine silver out of all the f2p places. You should try to mine on one of the higher populated worlds, because the respawn times are quicker than on low populated worlds.
  3. My account in runescape got locked because I had the same username and password as my user in this forum. I tried to recover a locked account but they said I didnt supply enough information for them to give me the account. Is there anything else I can do to get my account back?
  4. no no no no no you dont understand! ALL alcohol tastes like crap. i had wine once, a sip of sam adams, sip of budwizer, sip of something else, and also coors light. they all taste horrible. i dont see how anyone likes the taste of beer.
  5. soda711

    its my birthday!

    so how old are you, 12?
  6. lol how do you like the taste of alcohol? it tastes wrse than crap, literally
  7. ok i asked my health teacher today if alcohol can be healthy for you. She said that the only "ok" alcohol is red wine. she siad normal beers have lots of calaries which i think makes you fat, and it can be bad for your liver if you drink over 2 of them every day.
  8. soda711

    making money

    if you are the entrepeneur type of person, try to get like 2 or 3 other people your age and mow the lawns of all your nieghbors (assuming they will pay a lot a cash since there is more grass to cut in rural areas)
  9. soda711

    Moving age

    tell him he can only mve out of the house if he gets a job and is responsible enough to pay his own bills
  10. in science class its horrible. i sit in the front row, which is less than 5 feet away from the blackboard. my science teacher has the really messed up chalk that makes the screeching sound! and i sit right next to the blackboard! its the worst sound in the world. im probably going to have a nightmare about it tonight :( . OMG i hate that screeching noise!!!!!
  11. eeny meeny miney moe, catch a tiger by it's toe. if he hollers let him go, eeny meeny miney moe! i randomly selected and have chosen to be against abortions! Abortions are bad for you, they kill the babies and then the babies die. its bad
  12. gatorade. it rehydrates, replenishes, and refuels
  13. you can get a cell phone for free if you agree with signing a contract where you pay the cell phone company like $50 a month for 4 years, or $2,400 total. does that sound like a free cell phone?
  14. soda711


    fight with your heart. if you have a strong heart you wont get hurt on the inside. (maybe a few bruises on the outside, but show him what you got) be a man.
  15. mine bellybutton is usually in but after i have a big dinner (like on thanksgiving), i'm an outie. :lol:
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