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  1. um masors means Mining and smithers of runescape. plus they dont drop rares. hu every said they do it s a nub. and tele grab is too slow
  2. yes but, it backfired. so it went like this. i was alching rune war hammers and then i dude said ohh ils sell u 100k mage logs 250ea. so me thinking oh yea great lets go. so he said meet me at the blk nights fortress and then i got bit suspicous. so i went anyway. so then i go and meet him there. and he is just has a whip so i folo him and then he say's lag. and runs into 3 wildy. so i go and then a friend pm's me im in wildy come pking so i go "no to busy" and then we go i trade and he declines and he puts ahrims on and then. just as he goes to attk my lvl 108 friend ice barrages him 4 times and he trys to tele and he doesnt and he had no food? so then he goes stop. and i think he had no food cuz he'd kill me with no hesatation.so really funny i got 99.997 magics out of it :mrgreen:
  3. umm what program did u make tht in can u plz tell and ill like it lol kinda funny i rate it 9/10
  4. lol i've jusy did tht and i can't get of it how do u get out of it :?: :cry:
  5. I'd like to have these stuff (i am p2p but when my member's exspires) 1.) Castle War's (It would be awsome for this to be in f2p) 2.) Access to lvl 47+ wildy (mage arena) 3.) Agility shortcut's (also 1 agility trainging area) 4.) Fishing guild 5.) Colored boots 6.) Ability to wear members capes (like legends cape and wildy capes) 7.) More mining facilitys 8.) More runecrafting ability's maybe up to laws 9.) More Magic spells (like lvl 50 binding) 10.) More RUNITE ORE mining facilitys 11.) Theiving up to guards 12.) Ability to make more potions and allow us to use super set's lol 13.) More BANK SPACE Well tht is my list
  6. 1. she is my n00b with 80 wcing. 2. aint wasting my time making a new 1.
  7. My noob is stuck in jail look :cry: i cant get outbut i have writn a letter to jagex to say what is goin on! Added IMG tags. ~misterxman
  8. i took a screeny of this scammer trying to get my password and he got banned sooo funny
  9. i kno franzk since i was a noob we been frend's for 4 year's
  10. i rekon they should have the bunny suit. It would b so cool go in wildy with a bunni suit and be a killer bunni :twisted: hahah tht's wat i think or maybe bunny slipper's prefer white.
  11. they'd be realli realli realli cheap cuz all the noobs want them and they would go down in price but also if all the players had them they'd might not will might put them up to maybe 500k
  12. i disagree with u on tht 1.. u c skimmie is fast but u get low exp with ur hits there for baxe is bettah cuz the bigger the hits the more exp but its slow the baxe most used for high lvls around 80+ cuz they r able to hit 29+ so baxe i would prefure to use
  13. umm u dont get them in order u get them in random fashion
  14. well im 25 and i go to uni and ive played runescape for 4 years and my uni mates dont have a prob with me playing and my chemistry techer plays it he is a lvl 90
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