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  1. Runescape died when the trade limit was set in. -Your friendly lurker
  2. Google90

    I'm moving

    Homeschooling is horrible.
  3. @ this thread... I hate these posts, just go live it up man, live your live, go out and smash, call it a day. No need to get all "whayyy am i alivez omgz"
  4. Bump..I have 96 strength now. Can anyone give me some more input? I always get owned in PVP with this acccount.
  5. Im F2p currently so no access to dragon. Corrupt stuff, but it's kinda a waste of money imo It IS a waste
  6. My account, I drazar I I am a F2P player, rune only Level 98 Combat. Are these effecting PKing skills? Is it worth staying 58 defense? Should I raise my attack and defense to atleast 80? Please leave me some input. If i get to 80 def and att, how much do you reckon my combat will rise? I don't want it to rise too much.
  7. After long inactivity, I am back on runescape (not that anyone knows me) I have 3 accounts, but here are my two favorite ones. I have a long term goal of 99 str on this one, lets see how fast I can make it. 98 Combat Since I'm not a member, I have to clear out all my members junk :? Heres another goodie, just one of my other accounts that I use when I'm bored :thumbsup: (72 combat, 1m+ in bank, to lazy to go screenie)
  8. I haven't been on runescape in a long time. I logged in to see I have -61 member credits. How do I unban my account, just by paying for two months of member credit? I want to do this by debit card, but it says that it is a recurring fee. Can I cancel this after I buy it? All I wanna do is pay the $12 to "unlock" my account, I don't want to be a member. Edit. I just read :wall: :wall:
  9. I was born in Bosnia in 1990. When the civil war broke out in 1992 I moved to Ulm, Germany . After this I travelled through many refugee camps throughout, Germany Vohringen Köln Berlin Dortmund Munich (GO BAYERN!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: ) Holland Alkmaar Den Helder Eindhoven Amsterdam In may of 2000, I mvoed to Boston, Masschusetts...GREATEST CITY EVER :D
  10. :lol: All of those teams are American. :XD:
  11. I would fail all my essays and classes. I rely on the internet for all my sources, even though books are require, I just put the internet source as a book source. Nobody ever checks/.
  12. If you broke something, you'd definitively know it.
  13. There is not one country that would attack the mainland of the top economic country of the world.
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