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  1. Cassie Mother[bleep]ing (Or [bleep]ing me) Steele
  2. People of my background aren't as welcome to TIF as I'd previously thought. It's a shame that it only lasted two weeks. If I'd have been informed sooner, I'd be out of your hair already. I'd like to respectfully depart. No hard feelings. Thank you to those who were kind enough to even just chat or post. Goodbye, strangers.
  3. How would you pronounce "pwned" IRL anyways? I just kind of assumed it rhymed with "owned" (ie Poned)... :huh:
  4. Hey, Hak :) Thanks for posting :shades: This is me bothering Riley. With Arget. Hak, when you're back online eventually (and after 28 days are up), be Silver Brold pls pls pls. Or Mold. Even Hold is open.
  5. Yup, been hitting those rocks today. Better watch out if I meet you... by force of habit, I just may end up smacking you with a pickaxe :o [spoiler=Levels] [spoiler=Mis Chief] Oh god, that pun was unbearable Imagine the look on his face. [spoiler=Dat Udder Stuff] Mine. Also me. My brother.
  6. Picking locks on lockers. Does that qualify? :-#
  7. The rares market just keeps on getting worse for those players that don't have them. The rares market generally stays within the people who are already in it (these days, at least) :blink: Kinda silly.
  8. Seeing as I live far away from most of my old friends, I make a great deal of use of FaceBook. I'd have stuck to email if my friends chose to use it <_< But whatever. Empty threat is empty.
  9. I'm majorly annoyed by people who act like they don't care what other people think, when really they care enough to want other people to think they don't care. :huh:
  10. Tec106


    To me, poetry is a joke. At least while in class. If a professor says it means X, then you have to go with it. Isn't that defying the entire purpose of analyzing literature?
  11. I think we have more important things to worry about instead of bots. Like who is going to get the last cookie.
  12. That. Slow day. Ran 4 miles, though :thumbup: EDIT: Although, on second thought... JaGeX does seem to do a good job of putting in little hints as to what they think of their own updates. If you look carefully, you will notice that JaGeX inserted a Bush in the garden of the new Great Tradepost. As we all know, a Bush is a secondary sex characteristic that involves the genitals without actually being the genitals. In other words, this update of the Great Tradepost is the equivalent of widespread genital diseases, and should be eradicated before being spread to the rest of Gielinor. Thank you all for your time.
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