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obby mauler in process


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hi guys im new i quit for almost a year when wildy was removed


but pvp brought me back and i decided to make obby mauler im currently atm training its str


right now it has


1 atk


25 str


1 def


1 range


1 mage


1 prayer




not so great yet but i need help because im looking for the fastest way to hit 60 str and make enough money for obby maul and zerk necklace roughly 375k so i need your guys help btw when should i get range up

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One of the best training spots for obby maulers is seagulls at port sarim. Hardly anyone there, and good xp with 1 attack.




As far as making money goes, I would suggest getting a skill up that can make you money, either woodcutting, fishing, mining, etc. Or, look around the guides section here and try to find some good money making guides.




Lastly, in my opinion, you don't really need range. Sure, rune knives for lowering and then maul for ko is good, but one thing you'll find is that people safe like mad against knives. On my mauler I'm 1 range and just use a steel dagger (p++) until they get poisoned, then maul away. With recoils its quite effective (especially against rangers with knives! all the little hits from dagger + recoil + poison really add up without them realizing it), and come on, who safes against a dagger? :D




But if you do want to get range up, it doesn't really matter. After 60 attack is fine, just make sure it doesn't start to affect your combat level.




Good luck! Maulers take a while, but are totall worth it, trust me :)




Edit: I would also highly reccomend getting 5 attack. I did on my mauler and I found that it is a HUGE advantage over maulers with 1 attack. Chances are your max hit will be about the same as theirs, but you'll be hitting them much much more. It can be very frustrating getting a 20+ hit, red barring someone, only to hit 3 0's after, and not getting the kill. With 5 attack this rarely happens.

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