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SC hammers


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Are SC hammers based on the number of bars smtihed or the amount of xp? Either way, how many or how much do they last for?


Also, do adamant bolts(unf) sell on the ge?




Thank you.


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I swear they last by number of smiths rather than bars.




Cause doing both steel and mith plates I found i was using about 2.5% charge per invetory (aka 5 smiths)




Also its widely accepted now the higher ur lvl in said stat the longer they last and the less charge they use. so a lvl 90 odd smith hammers last longer than a lvl 50 odd and I must say in the few levels I've gained it seems true as I was burning about 3.5% charge per invent then i gained 3 lvls and i see to of dropped 1% charge usage per ivent


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not that is a myth, i've been using them since level 73 and i buy the exact amount of bars per hammers 1280 and they both disapear on the last iron plate, i have over 4000 iron plates if you want proof


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