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  1. The simplest way would be to get the Charming Imp and just set him to eat all the charms then you can just loot all. But I have to say summoning is by no means just a money sink, it is a bit of a money sink to train sure but loads of familiars are extremely useful in pretty much every other part of the game. Nearly every non-combat skill has a familiar that's useful in xp rates simply because of invisible level boosts or a passive affect - like the granite lobster for fishing, lava titan for mining, nightmare muspah for divination and arctic bear for hunting. Then you have your combat ones that help bolster DPS in combat scenarios to improve xp rates and the amount of loot you are getting - such as the steel titan and nihils. Then you have beasts of burden that help in almost any situation by letting you bring more supplies or carry more loot to prolong a trip - such as the pak yak.
  2. Elven land scans are in the forests, not Priff. Just make sure you open the scan interface before walking around to find it.
  3. Yeah all that paid members stuff it's almost like paying members is what keeps the company and the game running and that the free game is essentially an expansive demo to entice people into buying members.
  4. It's a combat ability - it will only trigger when you are in combat.
  5. Yes if only Jagex had done something to combat this like maybe taking all the good GOP rewards and adding them to Runespan? Or maybe some sort of Minigame spotlight system that cycles between the various game causing each in turn to get players there!
  6. A large portion of surviving Dawn involves keeping your distance and running away. ie Melee bad. Dawn also attacks using magic. Melee armour is weak to magic. ie Melee bad. So basically you need to get between non-melee stats and take her down that way.
  7. Unless you are on old school this is not correct. Several months ago this quest was updated and there are now 3 ways to do it - a solo path for black arm, a solo path for pohenix and the original duo path.
  8. The ice track is definitely the way to go I spent a whole day at the weekend (like 6-8 hours) semi-afking the dancing tables and got 1 token. I spent the other day semi-afking the race track (like 4-6 hours) and came away with about 15 tokens. Also to Ammako's point tokens are all over the shop for this one cost wise, several are still going up in GE value rather than down due to the rarity since a lot of people have yet to realise that whilst the tokens are insanely rare from most of the event the race track spews them out in bucket loads.
  9. 1 & 2 - You have to hand the items in. If you don't have the items on you to hand in they won't register as done. 3 - Either the task expired or you haven't killed the required amount of monsters since obtaining the task
  10. F2P cannot use bonus xp at all, double xp weekend is a completely different thing to bonus xp. The way it works when you are P2P is you use 1 bonus xp for every 1 xp you gain in that skill - ie gain 1 prayer xp and it'll use 1 bonus xp giving you 2 xp total for whatver you did. F2P can accumulate bonus xp, but cannot use it.
  11. Just to clarify your account is NOT originally from old school regardless of how old it is. Runescape the main game was developed from RSc to Rs2 to the current Rs3 and all the accounts followed with that main game. OSRS is an entirely separate game released in 2013 using a 2007 back-up of the game that absolutely no-one has an account for until they create one by logging in.
  12. No. For invention you get double xp for blueprint discovery and items you are levelling gain xp 50% faster, which makes for 150% xp in terms of xp/hr, but you can't pre-stock levelled items.
  13. You need to go into interface edit mode and tick to edit the game world then drag it out.
  14. I don't think clarification was necessary given that both posts answered that exact question...
  15. There's hundreds of them - fansites, clans, pvm groups, twitch communities etc etc they all have their own discord servers these days. In terms of there being a singular official runescape one run by Jagex there isn't one, but that would be chaos anyway so probably for the best.
  16. And what does the quest journal show?
  17. I literally can't imagine what an alternate reality game is meant to refer to particularly, I mean every single game ever released presents an alternate reality range from subtle changes like augmented reality games provide through to massive rpgs like runescape, dragon age or skyrim which provide an entirely different world. I'd assume the OP meant Virtual Reality in which case I'd agree with Randox, but augmented reality and 2nd life both seem like plausible guesses.
  18. It would be helpful if you gave us some details regarding what graphics card/chip you're running, what drivers your running and what you have download from the link it sends you to. For example intel chipsets tend to just point you to the driver update utility that you have to actually run after installing, others just point you at a general driver page and its up to you to get the right one to install.
  19. Yes it will. Also just to add an extra bit of info the only thing that is a rulebreaker in terms of two accounts you own interacting is when it is done to bypass game mechanics/limits. The example they give is boosting/rigging minigames but other things that would qualify is purposefully using 2 accounts for extra simultaneous GE slots or to by pass GE buy limits.
  20. There isn't anything to be done really. It's not like tip.it forums are dying and nothing else is. Forums are a dying breed full stop. Every fan site, every game, every forum out there is in a similar situation as the world is moving on. The forum as a concept has had its glory day and now social media and reddit are taking the fore. There's no point trying to cling on to it and force it to carry on, you just have to move with the times and realise nothing can last forever and as something birthed is the 90s (mostly) the forum has done quite well as a format. It's outlived Myspace, Bebo, MSN, AOL etc. Forums still have their place, more to discuss topics in depth rather than just discussing what's happening at that moment. Forum topics have a much longer life span than a reddit post and that has some merit, it's just about tuning your forum to that niche. But there is still a lot less appetite for that now than their used to be. Tip.It hasn't been helped by the fact that the website is dead, if the website was still going strong than that'd mean there'd be more activity here (albeit not a huge amount, but still more than now). Tip.It did not adapt when the Wiki came along and that's what killed it. A lot of staff stopped playing the game and they weren't replaced, I mean look at how many of the current staff still play the game, not a lot. I think there's about two admins even who are still actively playing the game (maybe even only one?). Out of all the current crew members it's been over a month since a single one of them logged into the forum! The Moderator/Crew Leader hasn't logged in for over a year too. This site needed people who still cared about the game in charge but that didn't happen. As they stopped playing the game those people stayed in charge instead of doing what those before them did when they stopped playing the game - step down and let others take control. I am not certain what I can tell, but things are a lot more complex than that. What I can tell you is that we tried our hardest on doing exactly just that. Main problem with us versus the Wikia is, they can do it a lot faster as they use the power of the many. That is the very nature of the Wikia. You wouldn't believe how much work even a small update brings. Would it be possible to add them in a timely manner? Sure, but that would compromise our personal lives a lot. That doesn't mean that we don't care about the game anymore, far from it. We just aren't the teenagers anymore with a plethora of time to work on these things. Life happens. I myself am working on a Masters degree, which sometimes require me to be focusing an entire month on it without playing the game. Most of the forum base are at either studying at college or university, or working at a job as well. There are a lot more things that all add-up to the state that we are in here now. And it isn't only us. Every RS forum shares the same fate, even the RSOF has taken a huge hit in the past few years. It isn't even restricted to RS forums. There are only a handful of forums that actually works. What do they do differently? Not much, just the luck of the draw. Having been part of many fansites over the years I can tell you that the way Tip.It setup was not for expediency. I saw what happened with the crew from the admin side and I am extremely glad I was never a member of the crew, I really disliked the way it was setup as it didn't feel like it was voluntary. I have nothing but respect for everyone that worked in crew. Tip.It did really well at making great guides and making sure they were accurate and were miles ahead of elsewhere in that regard. You do not need lots of people to do things quickly, throughout the mid 2000s I worked on a site where there were two of us who provided guides for the recent updates (this was back when most updates were quests). Between the two of us we'd be the first site to publish a guide for new content (and I'd say it was of a very high quality), Tip.It would usually take a couple of days to get a guide up whereas we'd have it up in a couple of hours following an update. Of course for more complicated updates (minigames etc.) we'd not have anything but that's because we didn't focus on that. We did have a handful of people who did work on those kind of guides, but the majority of our traffic came from our day 1 quest guides. When I left staff on this site (Mid 2011) crew were not really short of people, the wiki was just starting to gain traction but was not what it is today. Admittedly I stopped playing RuneScape as much around that time and wasn't keeping up with updates so had no need to use the wiki, so I can't accurate comment on what actions were taken here during that time, but given that most of the lead staff didn't change during that period I doubt there was a huge change in direction. From my brief time on the crew I definitely agree the way crew was setup wasn't that great - it was all boiled down into regimented jobs and if you didn't want to do what you were told you had to do then you were kind of cast aside as being a problem or not helpful. There also seemed to be quite a lot of push back against things that would genuinely help the site. I distinctly remember I had to literally argue with admins for quite a long time whilst on crew to get them to even consider adding a ghostly robes miniquest guide to the site, which was insane considering at the time that very guide, which I had made in the AOW forum, was one of the biggest/most popular guides and every other fansite had already done a guide. If memory serves in the end it only got on the site in a sort of bribery arrangement in that I agreed to do some more item database menial work that I hated. I also remember then after I had left crew and EW3 came out that whoever originally wrote the tip.it guide some how managed to mostly copy/duplicate my puzzle solution (I vaguely recall being asked if they could use my AOW guide , then very bemused they changed bits for no reason) but screwed it up so it did not actually work and it took well over a month to actually get anyone on crew update the guide to just use my puzzle solutions that worked - and that was with quite a few users beside myself pointing out the issues and asking for it to be fixed. And tbh the only reason I can fathom why it was an issue is because I was still kinda in the bad books with some admins after they booted me off crew because I'd made a fuss about the ghostly robes thing and about being basically told to do tasks I hated and in a volume that meant I'd either be skipping homework or just not ever actually playing the game for my own ends.
  21. Augment your "main" gear > level it to level 12 > Siphon for xp Augment welfare gear your happy to lose > level it to level 10 > disassemble it. Roughly 1/2 mil xp a go.
  22. There isn't anything to be done really. It's not like tip.it forums are dying and nothing else is. Forums are a dying breed full stop. Every fan site, every game, every forum out there is in a similar situation as the world is moving on. The forum as a concept has had its glory day and now social media and reddit are taking the fore. There's no point trying to cling on to it and force it to carry on, you just have to move with the times and realise nothing can last forever and as something birthed is the 90s (mostly) the forum has done quite well as a format. It's outlived Myspace, Bebo, MSN, AOL etc.
  23. You didn't use all the talismans on it as the Soul altar and talisman came out with Menaphos.
  24. The only real no no they still hold on to about having two of your own accounts interact is if you are using multiple accounts to intentional bypass or manipulate game systems. Ie using a second account so you can have more ongoing ge trades at once or boost a minigame is considered against the rules, but transfering legitimately earned items or gold between your accounts is fne.
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