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  1. That's not a bad idea. You can make so many different stories, plot twist from it. However agree with Arceus - might be too difficult to pick one :)
  2. Just got Little Nightmares. Such a cute tiny yellow creature :unsure:
  3. Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman. It's not a new one but very interesting, especially the first part of the book
  4. RuneScape will be available for iOS and Android devices in 2018 and Winter 2017 respectively. We were teased about it quite a lot! Do you think this can be a promising start? Also can the App Store be defined as a serious gaming platform?
  5. How about being banned because of starting one more best music video topic ;)
  6. haha agree Honestly I think that sometimes it's enough to compliment any new thing other person has
  7. ARG depends from how intense you are involved with a story that takes place in real live. It might be interesting to watch how it evolves according to your responses... There are some quite interesting ones: Cicada 3301, Forgotten Languages (thinking about this one) or Tengri 137
  8. Did you try playing any of these games? I'm so confused because it seems it requires to invest quite some time.. :huh: Would you recommend any?
  9. Friday the 13th ! Have any of you tried playing it? So fun with proper team
  10. I do love to meet my friends online to talk while playing, or specifically grouping together to solve challenges, like completing raids together, or playing as a team in a multiplayer game. However along with entertainment, I think the best part for me is to tests of observational and mental acuity :D
  11. Speaking about video games music "Ori and the Blind Forest" soundtrack is on my TOP 5 especially while working.. So beautiful |^_^|
  12. Hello! I recently started playing RS so as newbie will try to keep up with yáll ;) I'm playing video games for a while now and usually have some serious questions to answer before moving on. Also looking forward to try new games, ideas or recommendations are always welcome! Very excited to be here! Cheers guys and if you have any questions, please feel free to message me! So how did you find Runescape and how are you doing here so far? :shades: :huh:
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