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  1. Slayer is still worth while at higher levels as you can get tasks/access to a variety of decent money making mobs - things like addy dragons, rune dragons, airut, ganodermic beasts. If you want a simple lazy money maker frost dragons or QBD are good to farm and easy enough that you should do alright whilst learning the new system. In terms of gear and kinda "starting out" I'd recommend 1) Get the full 5 piece Bandos, Subjugation and Armadyl armour sets as reasonbly cheap decent base armour. Worth looking to upgrade this to Anima Core of Seren/Zammy/Zaros later but they are still expensive. 2) Weapons wise I'd assume you probably have chaotics at the moment which are a decent starting point. I'd look to move up to t90 asap though. - T90 being Noxious items (scythe, staff, bow) Drygores (melee) Ascensions (ranged and Seismic (magic) 3) Go get Broken Home done and replay to beat all 3 challenges the Asylum Surgeons Ring is pretty much the best ring you can wear for most combat, atleast until you can afford the Ring of Death 4) Saradomins Hiss, Murmur and Whisper are solid neckslot choices and can all be upgraded via DG until you can buy an amulet of souls 5) The best capes, other than comp, come from Fight Kiln. It's not too hard, just very long, and the cape awarded is decided by what combat style you mostly use (aka melee is kinda a pita) 6) If you want any tank armour for bossing player owned ports is worth getting started as it offers the best "welfare" tank armour going.
  2. The Steam stats, and many other similar stat lists, always prove very interesting reading because they clearly show in terms of players online at any given time Runescape is still doing pretty darn well despite persistent cries of it dying. I mean sure yeah its not hitting the numbers it once used to hit, but when it is easily outstripping play figures for some games that are considered to be doing well and have consistent popularity it's hardly dead in the water as some would make you believe. I feel old-style forumers often skew towards Runescape dying (more so than new-style reddit/social mediaer types) based on the fact their community is rather dead and they make the incorrect logical assumption well my community is dead therefore the game is in the same shape. But I mean Reddit is thriving and Runescape consistently does well with Twitch streamers, Youtube views on many channels aren't half bad either. Plus I've noticed recently a lot of notable gaming news blogs have started picking up Runescape in their news articles and predominantly in a positive way for once,
  3. 26 here and a good portion of my clan mates, old and new, have been 40-50 ballpark
  4. ^This As I said in my first post, no essence used in the making of the basic armour, only crests. Crest of X + Dormant Armour piece = Anima Core Armour Piece of X No essence required, Then in amounts of 1 essence for helms, 2 for legs and 3 for bodies the refined armour is: Anima Core Armour Piece of X + Zammy Essence + Zaros Essence + Seren Essence + Sliske Essence = Refined Anima Core Armour piece of X Or to give a more practical example: Dormant Anima Core Body + Seren Crest = Anima Core Body of Seren Anima Core Body of Seren +3 Serenic Essence + 3 Zamoraian Essence + 3 Zarosian Essence + 3 Sliskean Essence = Refined Anima Core Body of Seren
  5. Um no. The armour does not use essence to create, it uses crests. A grand total of 3 crests of whatever god to make 1 full armour set. It takes a grand total of 6 of each essence to upgrade (1 for helm, 2 for legs, 3 for body)
  6. Wait until april 18th Install NXT Escape all decaying java client issues of weirdness.
  7. I know where there's forums are - there's a handful of threads with a handful of posts. Far less activity than posts demanding things in recent updates etc. get and they still get ignored. I mean the fact there's a petition stickied for there to be a jmod to fix thing that's been going for 6 years unheeded says it all. Plus there is no way always a good 500 people playing, whenever classic is shut there's barely any players at all on it, this is just the usual "oh its open lets check it out" peak time. Plus you're entire post is framed around the fact there is a bot problem, so again not even 500 people - a mix of bots and people. Also 500 players is not enough to warrant someone doing dev work on something so old that exists for nostalgia, even if they were 500 players and not a bunch of bots and some players.
  8. I didn't say it was dead. I said it only still existed because of nostalgia and has not been updated in many years. But anyway I can't see Jagex ever doing anything to it. The only time RSC ever gets remotely busy is during open periods, once closed the numbers are worse than Darkscape. They aren't going to commit staff, time and money to such an old game that would take a long time to even do anything with and ultimately just isn't that popular especially when it being "fixed/upgraded/improved" is precisely what has been done to it - when they re-wrote the whole game as RS2 then spent the last decade working on it the have been fixing, upgrading and improving the game that RSC was. Besides I'm not sure who on the RS forums you are really referring to, there appears to only be a small handful of active users in the RSC sections and almost no posts that are anything about it being updated, mostly just trade offers.
  9. It is 100% correct. Classic is an archaic, un-updated game that has not been updated since early 2004 that' only reason for continuing to existing is as a nostalgic monument as to where Runescape began. Some people may play it for fun or whatever other reason they desire, but the fact remains it exists for nostalgia.
  10. Wait, enough people go on the archaic nostalgia land of Classic to warrant botting? Also yeah there is no chance of anything being done with Classic it hasn't been updated since early 2004 when it was retired, it only exists for nostalgia trip purposes.
  11. Well I can safely say these bosses are not too bad since I managed to solo them without guidance and only 1 death due to a lag spike.
  12. It's not that people don't want them a new best non-degrading armour is going to prove popular. It's the fact that these bosses are of a tier where they can already be soloed and farmed quite easily (and anyone who wants final boss and or pets will be going for their kills already) plus the drops aren't that rare compared to some rare drops. All in all it makes for a low-ish value for the items and Jagex set the initial ge values too high.
  13. Well you didn't. The only time a migration of stats of any sort happened was when RsC moved to Rs2 in March 2004. Leaving RsC accounts statless and itemless. Overtime Rs2 became Rs3 but there was no migrating of anything for it to happen.
  14. Not accurate. 1) There has NEVER been a migration of accounts from OSRS to RS3 2) The ONLY migration that ever happened was at the launch of RS2 where peoples account contents were moved over from RSC. 3) The migration did NOT leave random wiped accounts. It was still one single Runescape account it simply meant the actual player differed between RSC and RS2. The result was logging in on RS2 you had your fully fledged account, on RSC you had no items or stats.
  15. ^Worth noting though the "use low level ammo" thing was mostly for cheapness which is not so much of an issue in modern day RS. Broads, Royals & Ascensions round out the upper tiers of bolts and are all dirt cheap. And similarly Dark, Wild and Araxyte arrows don't cost a lot and make up the top tiers. Stack that with EoC not using a lot of ammo and its very very cheap stuff.
  16. There's not really a lot to be said on "how to fix it" the ONLY people who can wipe your stats is Jagex. The only way you can get them back is training again or talking to Jagex.
  17. The bit that does make it a tad evil is that the empty space is in the middle which does rather break the standard solve method for sliding puzzles that relies on empty space being bottom right. I solved it like it was a sliding puzzle and it didn't work. I'm guessing you just got all the right shapes in all the right places - you need to pay attention to the colours as well. The 4 colours each move through 1 pipe to the middle square, so although several pipes are identical shapes they are unique pieces. The pipes have to be the right shape AND the colours flow through them logically without jumping around. Plus that last little factor of empty space being in middle makes last few tiles a pita to get right.
  18. The bit that does make it a tad evil is that the empty space is in the middle which does rather break the standard solve method for sliding puzzles that relies on empty space being bottom right.
  19. It wasn't even 2 hours after the update was posted when you felt the need to say something, people talk about the update after they've actually had a chance to try it out. God forbid anyone should be busy either considering time-zones I mean yeah - real talk in terms of timezones. Update was around 2pm gmt - UK predominantly in school or at work and between dinner, homework etc a good 3+ hours before most players really get on. USA its like 7-9am aka most everyone at/going to work/school and won't be on for a good 8+ hours. Australia around 10pm aka most everyone beginning to log off for the night considering its a week night and most have to be up for school/work.
  20. Who even does Nex anymore? That's an update 5 years too late. Nex pet and ancient emblem D: I presume most of the people who want those two items have them by now. Aside from that, Nex prices and drops are pretty terrible and dismal. I only have one defender drop from nex, and don't have pet yet :'( You say only one as if there is any reason to get more than one...you make a t80 then go KK to make a full set of t90
  21. wyverns and camels both also have a journal drop
  22. I don't think the choice was that misleading. In all the ads etc I've seen its been chose your path chose your game kinda phrasing and as soon as you look up any detail about the game or see it in a shop it is quite clear there are two games. As for the conquest story line - all 3 story lines kinda have their screwed up elements, but at heart the choice is very real you are tied to one family by blood and the other because you grew up with them so both offer a legit choice much of the bad stuff they did is kinda "long forgotten history" and not directly linked in to the "siblings" you grew up with that take the lead in the story so it is possible to disconnect what the elders of that family did with the emotional investment in the "sibling" figures. I'll admit in terms of personal preference Birthright is definitely more appealing, but Revelations is the real amazing story that seems to be the lore ending based on how things turn out.
  23. Increased charges on frozen key. Auto-tele Urns Few mins grace when logging out on bank pin. Best parts of this update, hands down, will use.
  24. Uhm, Prayer will not work on BXPW. The only prayer related thing that works is Seren Crystals. EDIT: if you were not aware, this upcoming weekend most experience gained is doubled between Friday noon till Monday noon GMT. Though worth noting Seren Crystals on BXPW are insanely good for cheap afk prayer xp. 1 Crystal is 110k for 9,800 xp Have a stash of bonus xp - 110k for 19,600 xp First age set for 6% bonus - 20,188 xp 3% more for clan ava with skilling buff - 20,482xp (294) 5% for perfect plus/prayer juju - 20,972xp DXPW 100% boon 30,772xp And that's kind of your base rate fairly easy to obtain reliable xp rate, other add-on possibilities include: Get a clan ava at the temple for another 3% - 31,066xp Use your Wisdom Aura and/or Supreme Salvation/Harmony/Corruption for a burst of 2.5% pushes it to 31,311xp VOS occurring nets an extra 20% 33,271xp Pulse cores can add a further 10% 34,251 xp Aka you can reliably get 3.6gp per xp rates, that can push towards 3.2gp per xp - comparatively the absolutely cheapest normal prayer training (gilded, not ecto) is 5.6gp per xp using Accursed Ashes, anything remotely close to decent xp rates (ie baby drag bones or up, exlcuding the weird bones u cant really buy) ranges from 10.64gp/xp to 22.74gp/xp
  25. We are using hide tags because there are people who read these forums even if they do not post and we don't want to be inconsiderate ass-wipes and post spoilers people can't avoid whilst it is still new content.
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