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question about the abyss


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yeah, enter a portal for an altar and exit thru the normal exit.




and this should be in -> help & advice


32,606th to 99 magic || 15,388th to 99 dungeoneering || 12,647th to 99 farming

14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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Use a portal in the centre.








Run out of membership.








Of course besides using any of the portals in the centre it makes more sense teleporting out with home tele or otherwise.




edit: Btw thats the normal abyss I am referring to. If you mean the alternate then its called alternate abyss. If you dont know what that is dont worry about it. You must be talking about the normal one.

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yeh, things like this go in help and advice though


Damnit, I tripped over Magzar's half inflated blow-up doll and hurt myself. I wish he wouldn't leave that thing lying around. -.-


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