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Ben Nevis - Heavy snow atop [BIG IMAGES] + More soon


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Climbed it a few times before, this time was mainly snowed in heavily the last kilometer or so. Forgot my crampons, so that was annoying.


Hopefully in summer I will do a night summit.




Sorry for the bad quality, phone sucks. :roll:




(Does anybody know the estimated costs for Kilimanjaro? I want to attempt it in the near future.)





























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For the average person it is normally 7-8 hours in good weather. I managed 7 although the slow did slow me down considerably.




As for the difficultly, many people do it. As long as you are reasonably fit and well prepared, go for it.

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climbed it easter weekend, was brilliant. complete white-out on top so couldnt see much. did it pretty much spot on 6 hours. I nearly burnt out just before the top and had to really push myself. It wasn't particularly hard but I'm just too unfit and was a wee bit hung over.




[hide=at the top]DSC00115.jpg[/hide]


[hide=quick break on the way down]DSC00116.jpg[/hide]


Im the one without sunglasses.




A for kilimanjoro, have thought about it too.


http://childreach.org.uk/templates/chil ... 20Pack.pdf


thats the best thing ive found so far - get sponsered around 2 grand, 1k for costs and 1k for charity. is brilliant that you to spend a day with the kids the money is going to aswell. would be hard to get the money raised though.

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