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  1. angryjoe


    going to put some money on valuev on points. the judges in germany seem pretty influencable going by valuev's previous fights and there is no way haye can knock him out.
  2. Sorry, I will ensure that in future I will start threads suited to the lower IQs such as yours.
  3. reported for abuse. you are just jelous that you will never be anywhere near as funny as me. ;)
  4. so so good [hide=the stupidest person]Connecting to server... You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hey You: hi Stranger: asl You: 18 f UK Stranger: 17 m US Stranger: So how's the UK for ya You: its not too bad atm, but i think its gonna start getting cold soon lol! You: how is the US, where abouts in the US are you from? Stranger: haha, is it like december there? Stranger: and it's warm as always, i'm in florida You: you are the biggest moron i have ever met in my life Stranger: thank you Stranger: im pretty sure the uk loves idiots like you You: it is september the 15th here, just like it is over there you absolute cretin Stranger: cretin? lol wtf is that? You: sorry babe i was just messing with you :D You: its actually january here Stranger: yep same here You: its depressing after christmas :( Stranger: why u say that? You: because i always look forward to christmas and its depressing when it's finished You: but my birthday in two days on 17th january! :D Stranger: wait, you're not making sense Stranger: if it was december it would be june over here Stranger: it's in the middle of september here, the 15th like you said You: yeh, UK is 3 months ahead of US, you might be thinking of scotland LOLZ :D Stranger: Nah i don't believe you. 3 HOURs maybe, but not 3 months You: i have some news that may shatter your entire existance Stranger: ur a guy arent you You: it is september the 15th or 16th ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET You: yep Stranger: gg brah You: no im a guy, i dont wear a bra Stranger: i meant good game bro Stranger: very well played Stranger: although its easy to do that over the internet anyway, esp. omegle Stranger: *on omegle You: yeh, i just got virtually raped by some fella from singapore, was fun Stranger: haha wtf? Stranger: story NAO You: i saved the convo, 1 sec You: Connecting to server... blah blah You: anyway, i have more morons like you to wind up, good day sir, and enjoy [bleep]ing up the space time continuum some more. You have disconnected.[/hide]
  5. I've had a massive dislike for this guy since that horse racing one that was proved to be fake.
  6. haha this site is great; [hide=bit rude this]Connecting to server... Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hi You: Hey Stranger: i am looking for free sex Stranger: can u provide? You: Yes Stranger: very good Stranger: asl? You: 11, girl, california Stranger: ?? Stranger: real asl? You: 17, girl, texas Stranger: ok good Stranger: i am healthy 28 yr old male from Philippines Stranger: what r u wearin? You: Hot pants and a t-shirt Stranger: very good Stranger: i hav 7 inch penis You: I have big [bleep] Stranger: nice You: 7 inch penis is pretty small yeh? You: I've had 10 inchers Stranger: it is big You: I moved on from 7 inch a looong time ago honey Stranger: no 10 inch penis exist Stranger: 7 is big You: 7 is big, but doesnt satisfy my needs Stranger: i want to take off ur hot pants You: Do you? why? Stranger: i want my big penis inside u You: I'm 17 though? Stranger: that is ok Stranger: age of consent in texas is 17 Stranger: i take off ur hotpants You: Fair enough, carry on. Stranger: then i bend u over Stranger: mmmm i like ur white american skin..... You: This sounds like rape to me. You: I mean I havent even agreed to this. Stranger: u said u provide free sex? You: Yeah, with consent. You: Have you asked for my permission? Stranger: Recall: "You: i am looking for free sex You: can u provide? Stranger: Yes" Stranger: this is consensual You: Fair enough, proceed. You: I'm bent over. Stranger: ahh Stranger: my penis is in your pekpek Stranger: mmm You: Hang on, pekpek? Stranger: vagina sorry Stranger: i get carry away You: Fair enough, continue. Stranger: i thrust You: Ooh ahh. Stranger: i slam u against the wall You: Ouch. Stranger: i thrust continues You: Hang on, you need to put me down, I think I've got a broken spine now. Stranger: that is ok You: Well it's not, a broken spine is a serious injury. Stranger: that is ok You: I could be done for life. Stranger: i thrust faster You: Now this is turning into a rape. Stranger: that is ok Stranger: i am almost finish Stranger: sdafe Stranger: aj Stranger: ok i am finish You: Well done. Stranger: very good? Stranger: i am feelin good Stranger: soryr for broken spine You: Apart from being raped with a broken spine? Yeah, superb. Stranger: very good You: You're good, I give you that. Stranger: i never had white girl b4 Stranger: thanks Stranger: i am not medic Stranger: so i leave u on floor Stranger: it is ok Stranger: somebody will pass by and help Stranger: i am no medic You: I get it. Stranger: thank for your time You: Oh it was a pleasure. Your conversational partner has disconnected.[/hide]
  7. angryjoe


    i sometimes get this, i think most people do. it often helps just not to think about it.
  8. angryjoe


    i sometimes get this, i think most people do. it often helps just not to think about it.
  9. :thumbup: true -.- oh and can anyone tell me which beyonce video was it?
  10. :thumbup: true -.- oh and can anyone tell me which beyonce video was it?
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