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The new quest "the tale of the muspah"

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hello, i finished the quest "the tale of the muspah"




i got some information and a screenshot from the reward that could me quite helpfull for the quest guilde








- tinderbox,knife,spade (you'll get these from the boy so you don't have to bring them)


- 4 saphires


- 8 cosmic runes


- 8 water runes


- an hatchet


- a few gp to buy a shantay pass




the quest:




you start talking to a little boy outside the cave where most of it takes place.


after you talked to him you go inside the cave


there is a large lake with in the middle a block of ice. The boy saw something in the ice, and he tought that if he should bring a peice of what was inside the ice he should easy pass his fremennik trails. so he asks you to burn down the ice with little rafts lighted up with a tinderbox.


he shows you that you can make a raft with some . after he is done talking its your turn.


you make a raft by using the knife at a log (found inside the cave). you can set rafts into the water but they will never reach towards the ice.


the lake has 1 entry of water. and 3 exits of water. You have to close 2 of the 3 exits to make your raft move into 1 direction. now your raft can reach the ice.


you have to burn down all ice and open 1 of the 2 closed exits and close the still open exit to let the water change side. when all the ice around it melted you see a strange creature inside of it. the boy wants to get it out of the ice. he tells you to meet the natural historian. before you go towards him you should study the creature very good. its different to everyone and the natural historian will ask you to discribe it!


to get to the natural historian you simpely exit the cave and head north trough the hunting area until you bumb into stairs of ice. climb these up and the natural historian will be there. afther explaining everything to him he will give you a lumbrige tablet.


he also gives u a new clue. you must try to find a lost statue of the same creature u saw. its near the desert mining camp (far east of it). Walk from lumbrige towards there. you'll need to buy a shantay pass to come to there or use the fairy rings. when you have found the statue a explorer appears. he tells you a lot more about the creature. finaly after a long talk he tells you how to get him unfrozen. You take the 4 saphires and the 8 cosmic and water runes and head back to the cave where it all started. the boy has build a way towards the ice with some rafts. you jump over them and attach the saphires to the ice. after that you enchant them. the ice melts and the creature comes out of the ice. When you did all possible talking to him you head back to the boy that ran away from fear. he will tell you to make a canou. take your axe and travel up to the ice stairs first used to find the natural historian. Don't use the stairs but go west. here you will find the boy again. when talking to him he tells you that you should make the canou out of the log lying in the water. use your axe at the log and use the canou to get to the other side. you'll come on an ice beach, enter the cave ahead of you. the creature will be in the middle of this "dungeon". he asks you to find a nice place for him to freez again. walk first north and then east towards some space without creatures (jelly's (lvl 78)) and without water. when you found this spot use the saphires again and try to enchant him. before you can enchant him you remind him of the boy that wants his part of the creature he saw. he gives you his tail and after that you freez him. headback to the boy and the quest is finished.








when finished the quest there are still some things open in your quest log. you can get a experiance lamp from the natural historian (200 exp any skill) and you can tell you story to the explorer you found in alkharid.










1 Quest Point


1.000 Magic Xp


800 Mining Xp


800 Woodcutting Xp


500 Firemaking Xp






hopefully you can use my information. sorry for all the spelling mistakes i made. i'm not english and have dislectia.


Greetings Alax99

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If you don't have the sapphires needed for the quest there are some rocks in the cave that can be mined that give only sapphires.




Also taking a screenshot of the monster could be useful as you need to describe the color, hands, # of arms and legs, head, tail.

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You seem to have forgotten about using items to protect you from the desert heat during the quest. Many people would wear some Desert Robes to make them drink less water during there time in the desert.You may also need to put that people need something to protect from dying from thirst. Some people may also want to use the enchanted water tiara, which you get the ability to make after completing the 'Dealing With Scabaras' quest. It is made by using water runes with a Water Tiara. Link provided below from the tip.it's item database.









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