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  1. I got a pengatrice egg off one of the spirit imps, didn't take a picture though. I'm going to take a guess that they probably drop more of these types of eggs though, if I get more i'll try to remember to take pics. [Crew edit: I have managed to confirm this drop and have added it to the guide. You have been credited. Thanks!! - Speedyshel]
  2. All I've ever fished up with granite crabs is the same as the first poster, pike, cod, seaweed and oysters. I've used a LOT of pouches too since I almost always use one when fishing (gotta love the extra bit of xp and they pay for themselves).
  3. The entry for the regular ball of wool and the raw sheared wool still links to the sheep shearer quest when now it takes the black wool to complete.
  4. Some of the monsters on the list have been done but not moved to the completed list. I usually just take pictures of monsters that are quest monsters or only in a certain area and not visited very often. Then when I'm getting ready to post I look up the monster in tip.it's bestiary and look to see if the picture is of good quality and/or matches the one I took.
  5. So I was looking at the magic potion in the magic guide and it says the potion boosts your magic level +5 then clicked on the item entry and it says boosts magic level 3-4, please fix so they both say the same.
  6. Columbarium Key - An ornate key: precise workmanship and an ethereal glow. (Legazy of Seergaze) [speedyshel edit: Thank you Damianara! I've corrected the item and credited you ;)]
  7. Here's a bunch more, lots from quest related activities. Don't forget about the ones in the above post though. Suqah ID=805 Shadow Hound ID=804 Damis ID=484 Damis -2- ID=483 Kamil ID=609 Dessous ID=752 Mummy -2- ID=504 Bird ID=352 Bird -2- ID=353 Giant Skeleton -2- ID=485 The Inadequacy ID=905 A Doubt ID=909 The Untouchable ID=906 The Everlasting ID=907 The Illusive ID=908
  8. If you look at the official runescape quest entry for legacy of seergaze it has the 2k slayer xp reward listed, somehow it's missing from tip.it's entry, the construction is there though. Tweety to post an image to the forums: first upload it to an image hosting site such as photobucket or imageshack, then that website will have some sort of list of codes you can use to post it to other sites, the one you want to use will be an IMG code for posting to bulletin boards or forums looking something like this [img=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b21/kkellermusic/ochreblamishsnailpointed.png], just post that code in the body of your message and it will show a picture like this
  9. The crystal key used to open the chest in Taverly has not changed. It still says "A mysterious key for a mysterious chest." [Crew Edit: Thanks for clarifying! :^_^: -SerpentEye]
  10. The link in the guide for the cooking guild that should lead to the Varrock Diary does not work, it just takes you to the Tip.It home page.
  11. The ingredients for the potion are listed in the quest guide, but I'll put them here too: fill the vial with water, add a goutweed (stolen from the troll stronghold basement), then add a ground up astral rune (made by using a hammer then a pestle and mortar on an astral rune). I do believe it was cyrusis's and not cyrusis' i looked at it to make sure when naming the picture. Yes, you just need to talk to 'Bird's-eye Jack' at the bank and he gives you the chest with a choice of what equipment to take to Cyrusis.
  12. I did Dream Mentor and Devious Minds yesterday and was looking to see if any pictures needed updating and noticed a few items were just plain missing. Dream Mentor Well the first is just incorrectly named, it is called the Dream Vial (empty) and you guys list it as Empty Vial -Lunar-. Not sure if the name is the same during Lunar Diplomacy since I did that quest quite awhile ago. ID=5383 Can't seem to find this anywhere, but it's the potion you make in the Dream Vial and give to Cyrisus to share his dream during Dream Mentor. Sorry, didn't think about getting an examine until too late. And here is Cyrusis's Chest, used to take his armor from the bank to him in the cave. Devious Minds This is simply called an Orb, it's the one you get from the monk after giving him the bow sword. And here is the orb in the large pouch, it kind of looks like the orb is glowing through the pouch, no name change on the pouch though.
  13. Found another of the snelms that needs a new picture. Blood'n'tar Snelm ID=983
  14. And i t's time for another round of pics, this time it's the snail edition!!! Giant Snail -1- ID=655 Blood Blamish Snail ID=320 Blood Blamish Snail -2- ID=326 Bruise Blamish Snail -2- ID=734 Bark Blamish Snail ID=321 Ochre Blamish Snail ID=314 Ochre Blamish Snail -2- ID=315 Myre Blamish Snail -2- ID=318 Swordchick ID=863 this one might be a little small Frogeel ID=865 Animated Mithril Armor ID=763
  15. The monster named Thorchild should actually be Thorhild (no c). ID=369 no need to try and credit me as i already provided the picture and my name is already on the list...
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