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level 24 strength pure


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I've got this level 24 with the following stats:


ATK: 1


STR: 46


DEF: 1








HP: 35




This guy won't become a member, so no Obby Maul. I don't know what I should do. I've been thinking of going high ATK & STR and 20 DEF, but I don't know. I try not to get another rune scimmy pure, because I've had so many of those 40 atk/X str/1 def accounts.

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Lol, you need 20 combat for pvp. But I believe you should get at least 40-55 combat for str pures to get a good one. 83 str and 80 ranged at 59 combat(78 hp) no other skills except maybe 40 magic.. That's a good combination. pray 1, def 1, etc etc.




Or go for the max? 99 str, 99 ranged, 93 hp?? and 71 combat, all others 1




But I am a combat nub still, those are just the stats I get killed by on my pkers :P

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http://www.pointblog.dk/?go=krat(only 1 time per 24 hours per person.. I did'nt make these rules, so don't flame me)

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