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Sera's Summoning Guide


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Welcome to my summoning guide. This guide contains the basics for training the summoning skill. All the information presented here is a reflection of how I personally trained. It reflects the best xp for the money (in my opinion)...not the fastest xp regardless of cost.




My current summoning level: 99




You'll notice that this guide doesn't contain every little detail like number of shards and secondaries needed for each pouch. That information can be found easily in the in game summoning guide accessed when you click on the summoning icon on the skill tab of the in game interface.




If you see anything (not already provided in this guide or the in game guide) please point it out to me.








To start training summoning, you have to complete the Wolf Whistle quest.




All familiars and what level, charm, secondary ingredient, and how many spirit shards you need can be found in the in game summoning guide or here in the tip it summoning guide.




Making pouches is the best way to train summoning. Scrolls are a waste of money unless you plan to use them yourself (each pouch makes 10 scrolls).




In order to make a pouch you need summoning pouches and summoning shards (these can be bought at summoning NPCs around runescape), charms (these are dropped by various monsters around runescape), and a secondary ingredient. Obviously you also have to have the summoning level to make the pouch as well.




~Summoning NPCs~




There are 3 locations in runescape where you can find the NPCs who sell shards and pouches. They are: Pikkupstix at the Wolf Whistle quest start in Taverly (he will also enchant various helms so that they will hold summoning scrolls), Bogrog in Guttanoth (she will also swap your pouches for summoning shards, you get 70% of shards used back), and at the Wishing Well in the nature spirit grotto in the Mort Myre Swamp.




There are also large summoning obelisks at these locations.




~Summoning Obelisks~




There are two types of summoning obelisks: small ones that only recharge points and large ones that recharge points and allow you to make pouches and scrolls.




Large Obelisks: These are located at the summoning NPC locations as well as in Isafdar (just inside the west exit of the Underground Pass), northwest Brimhaven (just east of Moss Giant island), outside the Piscatoris Fishing Colony (ladder near mine), and southwest of Pollnivneach across a bridge.




Small Obelisks: These are located all over runescape. The Summoning - Locations section of the Runescape manual contains a map showing all of them.




~~Where to Train~~




Until level 57 (when you can use a spirit Kyatt), the fastest methods of making pouches are either running up to Taverly and teleporting back to Falador, if you can enter the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, simply running back and forth to the obelisk west of its south entrance, or if you have 10 contruction you can move your house to Taverly and use house tele then ring of dueling. Either way, using a spirit terrorbird or super energy potions is highly recommended.




Once you have 57 summoning, you can use a spirit kyatt. This is the fastest method of pouching. Simply use the kyatt to teleport, run straight north to the summoning obelisk (its under the trapdoor and theres a summoning symbol on the minimap), and use a ring of dueling to bank at Castle Wars.




~~What to Make~~




Disclaimer: I dont propose to know exactly the best things to makethis is an account of what I made. I went for best xp for the money.




Overall, crimson charms are the best to train with as they are the best xp for a charm that is easy to come by. Do not focus on blue charms for training as its just not realistic.




Levels...Pouch Made




Gold Charms


1-4 ... Spirit Wolf


4-10 ... Dreadfowl


10-13 ... Spider


13-16 ... Thorny Snail


16-52 ... Granite Crab


52-66 ... Terrorbird


66-99 ... Barker Toad




Green Charms


18-28 ... Desert Wyrm


28-33 ... Compost Mound


33-41 ... Beaver


41-47 ... Macaw


47-56 ... Magpie


56-69 ... Ibis


69-80 ... Fruit bat


80-88 ... Hydra


88-99 ... Unicorn




Crimson Charms


19-22 ... Spirit Scorpion


22-31 ... (T)z-Kih


31-46 ... Vampire Bat


46-49 ... Pyrelord


49-64 ... Bloated Leech


64-70 ... Stranger Plant


70-74 ... Ravenous Locust


74-85 ... Granite Lobster


85-95 ... Swamp Titan


95-96 ... Iron Titan


96-99 ... Pack Yak




Blue Charms


23-25 ... Albino Rat


25-36 ... Spirit Kalphite


36-46 ... Bronze Minotaur


46-55 ... Iron Minotaur


55-56 ... Jelly


56-58 ... Steel Minotaur


58-66 ... Karamthulu Overlord


66-73 ... Mithril Minotaur


73-79 ... Obby Golem


79-89 ... Fire/Ice/Moss Titan


89-99 ... Geyser Titan




~~Charm Droppers~~




The best overall way to get charms for summoning is through the slayer skill. Most of the good charm droppers are commonly assigned slayer tasks. In general, monsters found in the Chaos Tunnels drop more charms than their counterparts outside of the Chaos Tunnels (the only exception really is dust devils).




Gold: Rock Lobsters, Fire Giants, Ankous, Dagannoths (lighthouse), Hellhounds, Ice Giants/Warriors, Turoths


Green: Bloodvelds, Dragons (miths drop 4 at a time, black/steel drop 3 at a time, irons/wyverns 2 at a time)


Crimson: Abyssal Demons, Black demons, Dust Devils, Greater demons , Nechryael, Rock Lobsters, Waterfiends


Blue: Aberrant Spectres, Gargoyles, Dark Beasts, Tormented Wraith




Also, keep in mind that Bork drops a few of each color charm and you can kill him once every 24 hours and that now you can choose a charms reward from random events and Soul Wars.








Various summoning levels allow you to obtain many types of pet and determines how many pets you may have. It's now roughly 2 pets for every 10 levels.




Pet shops are located in Yanille and Taverly. They sell puppies, have incubators for hatching eggs, and they sell some exotic pet food: flies, beetle bits, and nuts. The owners will also give good advice about how to feed your pets.




You can once again find the levels you need for various pets in the runescape manual or here in the tip it summoning guide.




Eggs: You can get the three god eggs randomly from bird nests, including nests obtained through Kingdom Management after you complete Throne of Miscellania. Raven eggs can only be obtained from nests received while woodcutting. You can get a penguin egg from the penguin keeper at the Ardougne Zoo. You can get a vulture egg by killing vultures in the desert. The chameleon egg is a respawn on Cairn Isle and the dragon egg is a rare drop from mother dragons once you have 99 summoning.




There are also a number of pets that require the Hunter skill to catch. These have both a hunter and summoning requirement.




Pet--Hunter Level Needed---Quest?




Platypus----48--------------As a First Resort










Other Pets: The giant crab can be obtained by getting a crunchy claw token as a drop from Mogres. You then have to give the token to Nung in the Mogre underwater kingdom. The Broav is obtained during the grandmaster quest-While Guthix Sleeps. The Ex-ex parrot can be obtained after finishing the Rocking Out quest from 50 Ships Mufasa. Youll then have to get a magic cage from Bill Teach and put the parrot in it. The parrot will eat rock chips (from the large black rock west of the entrance to the cave horrors dungeon). Finally, phoenix egglings are randomly obtained from fighting the phoenix after the completion of In Pyre Need. Egglings are the only pet (aside from cats and dogs) where you can have 2-one evil and one good.




~~Tips and Hints~~




Spirit weed can be planted in a herb patch at level 36 farming. Level 40 herblorists can combine the spirit weed with any cockatrice egg (including variants) to make a summoning potion. This potion restores 7-31 summoning points, similar to prayer potions.




The Spirit Cobras Ophidian Incubation scroll is used to convert ordinary eggs into cockatrice eggs (blue, green, red, penguin, raven, chicken, and vulture) into variant cockatrice eggs which are tradeable and used to make the variant pouches. All use the same level 43 scroll-Petrifying Gaze.




Prohibited Areas: Some mini games, quests, and transportation networks. If you try to enter a forbidden area, you will be given a choice to dismiss your familiar before entering. Familiars are not allowed at the Grand Exchange, in the pools at Oo'glog, and will not follow you into the whirlpool entrance to the Ancient Cavern. Familiars are also not allowed on a few types of transportation: balloons, canoes, magic carpets, and mine carts/trains. You cannot summon a familiar around large summoning obelisks, but you can bring one with you.




Teleports: The spirit kyatt takes you to Piscatoris, which has a summoning obelisk nearby for making pouches. Spirit graahks get you near the Nature runecrafting altar on Karamja. Void familiars take you to Pest Control. The spirit larupia takes you to Feldip Hills, arctic bear teleports to the snow hunting area, and the lava titan can teleport you to the Wilderness Lava Maze.




Getting Money Back: Summoning is a skill that basically loses money. That being said there are 3 main ways to get some of it back. You can swap shards at Bogrog in Guttanoth (you get 70% of shards used for the pouches you swap back, but you need to have a few summoning levels above that required to make the pouch to swap it), high alching pouches, and selling pouches in the GE (mind you, not all pouches sell).



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good luck trying to compete with the other summoning guide by Inuashakent, it in the AOW and he has put quiete a lot of time into it. but i would suggest you start adding pictures and seprate your sections into some colour coding format or perhaps making it larger/bolder so it stands out

signature your as this use backwards this read to enough smart were you if

^^^^read backwards^^^^




^^^^The Best Melee Training Spot In The Game^^^^



^^^^The new Bandits^^^^


even i have the misfile craze!!!

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sorry but this guide is just ... the basics.




the only thing that could have been interesting was the way you used your charms, but it seems like you just went for the highest lvl pouch you could make. Not exactly "best xp for my money" like you suggested before.

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1) You need to organize it better. Use hide tags, add a table of contents, use color, bolding, different sizes, underlining, everything. Don't just use the default font.




2) It seems to be little more than a statement of the basics. I don't think this guides goes very deep.

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+1 to everyone above.




Its true. NOTHING in this guide is unique, it is a wall of text, and half of it is found in KB or ingame guide.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

PM me if you want to chat. My PM is always off.

My keyboard is on fire. Want some?

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