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  1. I just like to see an account with high stats and a low combat
  2. Also MEP2 is just a little challenging for someone who might not know how solve certain puzzles.
  3. so what have they changed in the end?
  4. i dont think grammer matters since the first and perhaps the only one is not grammatically correct: "all your base are belong to us"...Grammer tut tut
  5. i think this actually helped the rcers because now you can press F1 then F2 which is better than where it was
  6. wow, is that all everyone is talking about now..bots/ge...that's all the threads i've been reading in the past week. im not saying this in a negative point but :roll: ... Anyway,i think bots are something that both help and ruin the economy..now think about it, if you started an account with 10 fishing would you rather go through the straneous(sp?) hours to get to that level 40 or leave it to something/someone else? yes you may call this lazy, but in the world we live in lazyness has grown so large its shocking! Also i don't think jagex bans someone as soon as they use a bot, it takes a while, and is mostly based on luck. there are sites out there that show you all these bots and teach you how to use it, but they always give a warning of "you shall be banned if your unlucky". Autotypers, are annoying but some people will go to the limit to advertise themself or their clan. now who wouldn't want to be famous? I myself would not have found some of the 26k cc's without the spam chats but i think its a good and a bad thing :s. Also, botting isn't all that hard, just a few days of learning something and Boom! you've got it, now the only thing that separtes you from the pro's is experience and as i said in the world we live in, people are lazy and would probably give up half way and not bother with it. I myself would not do it knowing that i could lose an account that i have spent my own time on but others out there spend their time doing it, its their choice, and they should be banned for being lazy. Ok, that last paragraph was gibberish i reckon but if you understood it :thumbsup: ...that's all folks :D
  7. finally got a bandos item!! yay, im happy now...but still going to keep doing it till i get a hilt :thumbsup:
  8. ok i've added a little bit...tell me what you guys think, what should i add, what should i take off etc
  9. Welcome to my blog! [hide=About Me]Hi Im Anish. I have been playing Runescape for the past 4 years. over time many people have came and gone that i know. but i kept playing for the enjoyment factor. Im 17 years old i like just about everything in life, that means all sports/movies/shows etc. Oh, btw if you get the chance check out http://www.collegehomur.com just a little entertainment for the day.My Dream is to one day be able to get a bandos hilt! :P[/hide] [hide=My 99's][/hide] [hide=Day 1-June 27th 2009]So, to start things off i will show you a few solo trips of mine over the next few hours, i might not have many on the weekends but i will do in the weekdays. Bandos Gear: What i do? Ok, this is a method im hoping someone can help me improve: 1. I tele to camelot, then kill 2 unicorns to get horns 2. Use charter to go to oo'glog 3. swim in all pools except the hunter 4. tele to trollheim 5. drop 2 sharks 6. tele cw summon war tortoise and put sharks inside him 7. tele to trollheim and in i go[/hide] [hide=Trip Uno] My not so average loot: [/url] Someone had forgotten to finish the bandos so i couldn't do the best i could[/hide] [hide=Trip Dos] My Getting there average loot: [/hide] [hide=Day 2-June 28th 2009]Yay, first ever good loot :-) [/hide]
  10. I might be being a noob, but what the hell is 26K tricking?! basically 2 people with high ep do the following: person a: risks 80k and has a good wep, and food person b: has 30k they both go to wild person b attacks person a and then then person b dies. this will result in person a getting a good drop..simples!
  11. once again, are the GWD monsters counted as instance spots?
  12. ok, so is bandos counted as "instance" death? because it would help loads if it were :thumbsup:
  13. Well I have soloed bandos at least 1200 times. I use Dharok's top, because most often Graardor is going to beast you with his range more than the mage will hit you. i personally think karil's is better than torag's/dharok's, it just seems to hit less.
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