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The escapades of a camper. [30] - 91 Defence -

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I've always loved to make neat little logs of what I'm doing, and I figured this may seem interesting to some. Anyways, I've decided to try camping at the infamous 'Spiritual Mages' for their Dragon Boots Drops :D. I'll keep track of how many boots I've gotten, how many trips I take, and the kill counts of the trips. Using that I can also show what my average kills per pair of Dragon Boots are. Each of my 'trips' consits of 10-20 Prayer potions, and last one day. As a side note, I will also keep track of my defence level as well, since that's the skill I'll mainly be concentrated on.I'm sure that's enough reading for now, everyone's probably more interested in the rest of this post!


Dragon Boot Drops {Pictures}


***------------------------------Day 1------------------------------***


Drop #1


Drop #2


Drop #3


***------------------------------Day 2------------------------------***


Drop #4


Drop #5


Drop #6


Drop #7


Drop #8


Drop #9


***------------------------------Day 3------------------------------***


Drop #10


Drop #11


Drop #12


Drop #13


Drop #14


Drop #15


Drop #16


***------------------------------Day 4------------------------------***


Drop #17


Drop #18


Drop #19


Drop #20


Drop #21


***------------------------------Day 5------------------------------***


Drop #22


Drop #23


Drop #24


Drop #25


***------------------------------Day 6------------------------------***


Drop #26


Drop #27


Drop #28


Drop #29


Drop #30


Total Kills: 3,676


Total Dragon Boots: 30


Average kills per dragon boots: 122.533333


Most Recent level (Defence):91 Defence!




Wish me luck :D

Leader of Nexus

Solace FA



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