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  1. Happy birthday, keep it up guys!
  2. And iSpenc risking a mad 15k
  3. Runescape servers are #1, thanks for the fight PH
  4. It's nice to see you guys back on your feet, also RR are terrible. Congrats on your win DF. Edit: rrr lol.
  5. Nice job, shame I missed it :<
  6. Hopefully you guys enjoy it while it lasts, best of luck.
  7. It was a fun fight, everyone wins and loses! ;p Thanks for all of the replies so far.
  8. Nice, I find it pretty hard to get past like 4 lol!
  9. Re-bought P2P a few days ago and decided to try the famous "start with 5m and see where it takes you" idea since I haven't staked in ages. Went pretty well! Might start seriously staking in a few days or go back to real lifing depending on how much free time I end up with, fun stuff!
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