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  1. I remember having a stealing creation war in Divine Forces once, was fun. Seems like it isn't the most loved mini-game though.
  2. Rip TPR, I still remember Pan dragging me to wars, lol.
  3. Grats BK, nice pull for the short prep Exo
  4. Hey Alchemest, Nexus sounds like it *might* work for you. Our applications are simple, no need to worry too much about that. We've been around for about a year and a half, so I'd say thats somewhat well founded by now. We're somewhat active, and we don't really have any requirements except that you post every once in a while :P Come check us out at; Site: http://s1.zetaboards.com/RsNx/ Runehead: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=nexus
  5. Gratz PH, saw Downfall doing pretty well for their numbers too.
  6. What is your clan? : Nexus How old is it? : 1.5 years Birthday (If you know it) : Feb. 15th 2009
  7. It's sad to see you guys go, you gave some of my older clans good fights 1-3(?) years back. A lot of current Nexus members were in PKM too I think? :S
  8. Gratz Downfall, TR did great for the number disadvantage.
  9. "The main purpose of the Wars & Run-ins Forum is for the posting of aftermath topics for wars and other events. This includes: Skilling or minigame wars" Source; http://forum.tip.it/topic/246593-wars-run-ins-forum-rules/ <3:
  10. He got around 400k lols. You can check how well each member did from the tracker links in the first post as well :D Edit; I slow posta :[
  11. We've never closed, though our cwa team (Team Nexus) closed and never reopened. (Don't think we have plans on re-opening it either :S)
  12. Nexus vs Freedom Rules; No memberlist Lock Lamps/Xp rewards Allowed Handicap: None Time of Competition: 8 AM GMT Friday (Sep 3) till 8 AM GMT Tuesday (Sep 7) Winner decided by: Most overall gained experience Review; Props to Freedom for putting up such a close race. For the entirety of the first three days Nexus was constantly behind at least four or five million experience. We had some extremely dedicated members though, like Eskomo (I love pnas) who had over 48 hours clocked during the competition, as well as 2+ people with over 30 hours. If that isn't dedication to the clan, I don't know what is. Anyways, on the last day we picked up the slack and managed to come out with the win, though it was going back and forth constantly the last eight or so hours of the competition. Sure, it might not have been as exciting as a matched 20v20 cwa melee+binds, but it was pretty intense those last few hours :thumbup: . Trackers/info (Green indicates a better score, red a worse); Nexus Cumulative Overall Xp Gained: 49,916,340 Average Overall Xp Gained: 1,134,462 Cumulative Overall Levels Gained: 269 Average Overall Levels Gained: 6.11 Tracker Link: http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=2547&skill=overall Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=nexus Freedom Cumulative Overall Xp Gained: 48,413,475 Average Overall Xp Gained: 949,284 Cumulative Overall Levels Gained: 270 Average Overall Levels Gained: 5.29 Tracker Link: http://runetrack.com/competitions/competition_tracker.php?id=2548&skill=overall Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=freedom Winner; Nexus by 1,502,865 xp Pictures: Some timers; To celebrate the win we took a quick trip to Arma; Skilling clans ftw
  13. I wonder how long making those overloads will take, good luck! Lol @ being in the 10m xp picture on the last page as well <3:
  14. Happy birthday, keep it up Downfall :thumbup:
  15. Divine Forces/Knights of Order, both have great communities and warring abilities.
  16. 99 Herblore hopefully, not sure what I'll do with the 7.2k extreme magic potions though :|
  17. Welcome back and good luck KO.
  18. You got 99 Farming oh shi- Best of luck with Herblore over the weekend.
  19. Good luck, I honestly don't expect it to last but you never know!
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