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  1. Runescape Dinasty The Titans Violent Resolution Divine Forces Reign of Terror Echo of Silence The Rising Corruption The Runescape Warhungers Foundation Future of Old Style Solace Lithuanian Forces Northern Gods Chivalry Legion Wilderland The Neggas Clan The Call of Legends Hell Army Pure Hatred Crimson Raiders Downfall Exodus The Moon Clan The Clan The Gladiatorz Ascension Aces of War Metal Massive Attack Collision Dragonwood Clan Envy The Brazilian Kings Poison Legends of Glory Forsaken AK Latin Tugas Revolution Sorrow of Knights Australian Army Thunder God Knights of Order Dark Dragon Breath /If I missed your clan and you want to be added to future rankings pm me on irc brianm
  2. Virtually everyone in RS is looking for a clan at the moment, some are starting to venture out and post looking for topics on fansites and other recruits can be had in game with ease, anyone's clan recruiting up the new players with no experience, as this is exactly what must be done to revitalize the clan world.
  3. Checkout Perception founded December 2010. http://www.rs-perception.com/ #perception on swiftirc.
  4. Updated w/ website link ( http://rs-sovereign.net/ )
  5. http://www.rs-sovereign.net/forums/index.php? list there
  6. go to rsb and comeback when you got members.
  7. Everyone clan I have launched in a staff role has been successful. I didn't launch Apocalypse, I joined post founding and worked my way up to staff.
  8. Well their are threads for clans closing, so why not opening? #sovereign on swiftirc. 41 signed on members , launching tonight. Led by King Soulja, Advisors: I am BrianM and Sabby. website: http://rs-sovereign.net/ 105+f2p ml coming soon. Now accepting wars, pm an op on irc.
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