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Chinning help pls =]


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I need 2m range xp for 90 range, I plan on chinning this but idk how many red/grey chins i'll need.


I'll be using full void, fury, zammy book, and eagle eye.


I'l use acumulator because i dont have a skill cape and dont wanna take fire cape.






Any idea how many chins i'll need? (85 -90 range) ::'






Edit: Could i use sc range hats for double xp, to half the cost of it?

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Actually I've done 85-90 chinning and it was 11k chins (give or take), using void, max range (god cloak), and eagle eye the entire time.




If anything I would be off +/- 1000 red chinchopmas at the maximum, because of different chinning methods and techniques.

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