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CD Drive refusing to cooperate.


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Whenever I put in a cd(music, application, whatever), it refuses to autoplay. This is quite a problem for music cds, as I cannot do anything at all with them.




The problem first started after using a quickbooks application cd. As you can see, the drive is called QBCA(numbers), which I do not think is a coincidence.


Changing autoplay options in properties has no effect.


I'm running xp service pack 3, I don't have a dvd drive, and I've used applications like daemon tools before, if that could cause the problem.




The drive name remains QBCA(numbers), even when the drive is empty. I also have only one optical drive, not two which is what is being shown for some reason. EDIT: I disabled my emulator and the second optical drive (E:) disappeared.


An image of what is happening:












Any help is greatly appreciated. :)








EDIT: Solved the problem with some help, thanks.


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